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Deutschland 2016 | Comedy | Oliver Rihs | 16

Wolfi has invited his best mates to his villa in the south of France for his 50th birthday. They try hard to party like they used too but their macho antics can barely conceal their sense of failure.

Alle Anderen

D 2009 | Drama | Maren Ade | 12

A relationship drama by Maren Ade.

Electric Girl

Deutschland/Belgien 2018 | Adventure, Fantasy | Ziska Riemann | 12

Poetry slammer Mia get's the chance to dub her anime hero and finds more and more parallels between her and the brave superhero. Her own life turns upside down.


Freiheit | Deutschland/Slowakei 2017 | Drama | Jan Speckenbach | 12

Nora is around 40, has a husband and children – and just disappears one day. A powerful character study that purposefully forgoes answering what freedom is and what it allows.

Das Haus

Deutschland 2021 | Drama | Rick Ostermann | 12

Germany, in the near future. Journalist non grata Johann and his wife Lucia have retreated to a luxury smart home in a remote island. Danger is brewing outside and a war is erupting inside the house as well.

Before We Grow Old

Heute oder morgen | Deutschland 2019 | Love-story, Metropolitan Movie | Thomas Moritz Helm | 16

During one summer in Berlin, Maria, Niels, and Chloë become a loving throuple. Then Chloë gets pregnant and their lifestyles and utopias are called into question.

Montag kommen die Fenster

D 2005 | Drama, Love Stories | Ulrich Köhler | 12

Tatort – Ich hab im Traum geweinet

D 2020 | Crime Drama, | Jan Bonny

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