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Barbara | D 2012 | Drama | Christian Petzold | 6

Barbara tells the story of a young GDR doctor who gets disciplinarily transferred to a provincial hospital after applying for emigration. There is a semblance of hope, though: her lover from the West is preparing her escape via the Baltic sea.

The Green Prince

Deutschland/USA/Israel 2014 | Documentary | Nadav Schirman | 12

Two people tell their shared story over one and a half hours: Mosab Hassan Yousef, the spy known as “The Green Prince” who for years was the most important source for the Israeli secret service, and his Israeli contact person Gonen Ben Yitzhak.


Deutschland 2014 | Drama | Christian Bach | 12

Simon's father Hans used to be a successful architect, until he developed schizophrenia. He refuses to take medication and life for the family then becomes increasingly difficult.


Deutschland 2014 | Drama | Christian Petzold | 12

Germany 1945/46. Holocaust survivor Nelly returns heavily disfigured to Berlin and searches for her husband Johnny. When she finds him Johnny doesn’t recognize her but he proposes a deal. Nelly is to pretend that she is his wife so that they can ...


Transit | Deutschland/Frankreich 2018 | Drama | Christian Petzold | 12

Christian Petzold has adapted Anna Segher‘s exile novel and set it in present-day Marseille.

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