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Sink or Swim

Le Gran Bain | Frankreich 2018 | Comedy, Drama, Sportfilm | Gilles Lellouche | 6

One day unemployed Bertrand discovers a notice at the local swimming pool: a men‘s synchronized swimming team is looking for new members, beginners welcome...

Cezanne et moi

Cézanne et moi | Frankreich 2016 | Biography, Drama | Danièle Thompson | oA

Emile Zola and Paul Cézanne were friends from childhood until the end of their lives. When the successful Zola writes a book about an artist despairing over his masterpiece, Cézanne pays him a visit.

Rock'n Roll

Rock'n Roll | F 2017 | Comedy | Guillaume Canet


Doubles Vies | Frankreich 2018 | Comedy, Drama | Olivier Assayas | 6

Olivier Assayas‘ new film is set in the bourgeois Parisian literary world. On the surface they talk about Google, AI, surveillance, and Big Data while relationships begin, end, and readjust in secret.

La prochaine fois je viserai le coeur

Frankreich 2014 | Drama, Crime Drama, Thriller | Cédric Anger

La belle epoque

La belle époque | Frankreich 2019 | Comedy, Love-story | Nicolas Bedos | 12

Viktor‘s best day was May 14th 1974. He was a carefree 25 year old, dreaming of a career as a cartoonist and meeting the woman he would go on to marry. With the help of an event agency, Viktor wants to experience this day again as immersive ...

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