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Arab Blues

Arab Blues: Un divan a Tunis | Tunesien/Frankreich 2019 | Drama, Comedy | Manele Labidi | 6 | Interview

When she was 10 years old, Selma emigrated with her parents to Paris. To everyone's consternation she has now decided to return to Tunis to work as a psychoanalysist.

Aus nächster Distanz

Shelter | Deutschland/Israel/Frankreich 2017 | Thriller, Drama, Agentenfilm | Eran Riklis | 12

Mossad agent Naomi is meant to protect Lebanese Hezbollah defector Mona in a secure apartment in Hamburg, but Mona might be a double agent. A complex spy thriller directed by Eran Riklis.

Bab'Aziz: Le prince qui contemplait son ame

Bab'Aziz: Le prince qui contemplait son ame | TN 2005 | Drama, Roadmovie | Nacer Khemir

Darbareye Elly

Darbareye Elly | IR/F 2009 | Drama | Asghar Farhadi

Les deux amis

F 2015 | Comedy, Love-story | Louis Garrel

Girls of the Sun

Keciken Roje | F 2018 | Drama, War Film | Eva Husson

Les malheurs de Sophie

Les malheurs de Sophie | F 2016 | Comedy | Christophe Honore

My Sweet Pepper Land

F/D/IRQ 2013 | Drama | Hiner Saleem | 12

A dream of Kurdistan as a western movie. A policeman from the capital rides into a remote village where he has to deal with a smuggler warlord, rebels from across the border and his attraction to a beautiful teacher.


USA 2016 | Drama, Comedy | Jim Jarmusch | oA

Paterson’s life is very routine but he disappears into another world on his work break: Paterson writes poems and lets his dream and desires run free.


USA 2016 | Jim Jarmusch

Inspired by a poem by William Carlos William, PATERSON follows the daily routines of bus driver Paterson who lives in the town of Paterson and writes poetry in his spare time.

The Song of Scorpions

CH 2017 | Drama | Anoop Singh

Syngue Sabour

Syngue Sabour | F/D/AF 2012 | Drama, War Film | Atiq Rahimi | 12

There is war in Afghanistan. A young woman takes care of her comatose husband. She fights for her survival and seeks help from her aunt, an independent prostitute, and begins a relationship with a young soldier.

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