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Burn After Reading

Burn After Reading | USA 2008 | Comedy, Crime Drama | Ethan Coen, Joel Coen | 12

Spy comedy by the Coen Brothers about various more or less dimwitted characters following schemes to get rich.

From Dusk Till Dawn

USA 1995 | Action, Thriller, Crime Drama, Horror, Black Comedy | Robert Rodriguez | 18

Good Night and Good Luck

USA 2006 | Drama | George Clooney | oA


USA/GR 2013 | Science Fiction, Thriller | Alfonso Cuaron | 12

A routine mission in space ends in disaster for medical engineer Dr. Ryan Stone and the experiences astronaut Matt Kowalsky. Their shuttle is destroyed and they lose contact with the control centre.

Hail, Caesar!

USA/Großbritannien 2016 | Comedy, Musical | Joel Coen, Ethan Coen | oA

The new Coen film is set in a Hollywood studio in the 50s. Scarlett Johansson is a bathing beauty in a water ballet, George Clooney is Baird Whitlock, a movie star in the vein of Charlton Heston. When Whitlock is kidnapped by “The Future” gang, ...

Money Monster

USA 2016 | Thriller | Jodie Foster | 12

TV host Lee Gates recommended a high tech share to his audience, but its market value mysteriously plummets right after. An angry investor takes Gates and his producer Patty Fenn and the crew as hostages on live television.

The Monuments Men

The Monuments Men | USA 2013 | Action, Biography, Drama | George Clooney | 12

The Peacemaker

The Peacemaker | USA 2013 | Action | Rain Rucker, Paul Bloomfield | 16

An entertaining and dynamic interaction between two individuals actively engaged in bringing about peace.


Solaris | USA 2002 | Drama, Science Fiction, Thriller | Steven Soderbergh | 12


USA 2005 | Thriller | Stephen Gaghan | 12

Geopolitical thriller about espionage, terrorism and torture in the pursuit of wealth through oil. Loosely based on true events and with an all-star-cast.


Tomorrowland | USA 2015 | Adventure, Mystery, Science Fiction | Brad Bird | 12

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox | USA 2009 | Animation | Wes Anderson | 6

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