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Juste la fin du monde

Juste la fin du monde | Kanada/Frankreich 2016 | Drama | Xavier Dolan | 12

Louis visits his family after 12 years of being absent to tell them he is terminally ill. His return opens a can of worms filled with years’ worth of resentment and repressed feelings.

The Happy Prince

Großbritannien/ Belgien/ Italien/ Deutschland 2018 | Historical Film, Drama | Rupert Everett

Rupert Everett depicts the last years of Oscar Wilde‘s stay in France after being released from prison as a fever dream where memories and recurring fairy tale stories of the happy prince blend together.


Großbritannien 2019 | Biography, Drama | Rupert Goold | oA

Renée Zellweger plays Judy Garland at the end of her career with full commitment walking the fine line between high tension and losing control.


Chocolat | Frankreich 2016 | Drama | Roschdy Zem | 12

MONSIEUR CHOCOLAT tells the story of the first black clown in France, Raffaël Padilla, found success with his Partner Georges Footit as “Footit and Chocolat”. A brilliant reflection on showbiz, racism and colonialism and obviously a matter of ...

The Promise

The Promise | USA/Spanien 2016 | Drama, Historical Film, Love Stories | Terry George | 12

Tom at the Farm

Tom à la ferme | Kanada/Frankreich 2013 | Drama, Thriller | Xavier Dolan | 16

Tom visits a remote farm in the countryside to attend his lovers' funeral. He is threatend by his lovers' brother Francis, but out of some sadomasochistic inclination, stays on. Queer horror from film "wunderklind" Xavier Dolan.

Paradise War: The Story of Bruno Manser

Bruno Manser | Schweiz/Österreich 2019 | Drama | Niklaus Hilber | 12

Bruno Manser backpacks in the Malaysian rain forest in order to find himself. Soon after, he fights alongside the Penan tribe against the clearing of the rain forest.

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