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D 2017 | Drama, | Marvin Kren

Besuch im Wald

Deutschland 2013 | Drama | David Gruschka

Dem Horizont so nah

Deutschland 2019 | Drama, Love-story | Tim Trachte | 12

Jessica is young and has a promising future ahead of her. One night she goes out and meets the love of her life who will change her entire worldview.

Generation Beziehungsunfähig

Deutschland 2021 | Comedy | Helena Hufnagel | 12


Deutschland/Belgien/Luxemburg 2017 | Drama, Mystery, Thriller | Govinda Van Maele | 16

German Jens (Frederich Lau) who is looking for work is stranded in a small village in Luxembourg where farmers are strangely friendly to him after giving him a gruff welcome. A tight province thriller.

Der Hauptmann

Deutschland/Frankreich/Polen 2017 | Drama, Historical Film, War Film | Robert Schwentke | 16

Willi Herold, a 19 year old potential deserter, has just found a captain‘s uniform and is already posturing and beginning to exercise his power.

In Berlin wächst kein Orangenbaum

Deutschland 2020 | Drama, Crime Drama | Kida Khodr Ramadan | 12

Das kalte Herz

Deutschland 2016 | Drama, Literary Film Adaptations, Märchenfilm | Johannes Naber | 12

DAS KALTE HERZ is an adaptation of the fairy tale with the same title by Wilhelm Hauff. The young charcoal burner Peter Munk trades his heart for a stone in a world where a soft heart is an impediment.


Kanun | D 2018 | Drama | Til Obladen, Kida Khodr Ramadan


Deutschland 2014 | Drama | Andreas Pieper

Cem grew up in Berlin-Neukölln and defends his neighborhood against Nazis and speculators. When he gets into it with xenophobic Roman during a football match, Cem swears revenge - and the duel between the two escalates.


Deutschland 2020 | Comedy, Romance Films | Simon Verhoeven | 12

Berlin bar owner Milo and his dream woman Sunny meet in a fateful way and arrange to go on a date, but Milo's chaotic friend Renzo has made enemies with half of Berlin's seedy underbelly.

Das perfekte Geheimnis

Deutschland 2019 | Comedy | Bora Dağtekin | 12

A group of friends play a game of honestly, laying their cards and their phones on the table.


Deutschland 2016 | Comedy | Max Zähle | 6

When his father dies, insurance sales agent Mirko wants to sell the family’s junk yard. But he gets roped into a ludicrous scheme to rescue the yard by his brother, the dedicated “Schrotti” Letscho, instead.

Die Schule der magischen Tiere

Deutschland/Österreich 2021 | Adventure, Fantasy | Gregor Schnitzler | oA


Deutschland 2017 | Drama, Tragicomedy, Roadmovie | Markus Goller | 6

Frederick Lau is Ben, a lost man in his early 20s. David Kross is “Simpel“, his less young, mentally disabled brother. Their lives change drastically when their mother dies.


Deutschland 2018 | Drama, Sportfilm | Timon Modersohn | 12

A German drama about soccer players.


Deutschland 2019 | Comedy | Karoline Herfurth | 12

A German comedy about two women planning a robbery.

Tod den Hippies – Es lebe der Punk!

Tod den Hippies – Es lebe der Punk! | Deutschland 2015 | Drama | Oskar Roehler | 16

In his intentionally daft and rowdy satire Oskar Roehler revisits West Berlin in the 1980s. We meet the young punk Robert, his gay Nazi friend Gries and the American stripper/artist Sanja. Blixa Bargeld, R.W. Fassbinder and Nick Cave also put in an ...


Deutschland 2015 | Drama | Sebastian Schipper | 12

The film shot in one single take follows young Spaniard Victoria during one night in Berlin. Victoria meets Sonne and his friends before going to a club. They go with the flow, drink their last beer and look down at the city from the rooftop. ...

Die Welle

D 2008 | Drama | Dennis Gansel | 12

Wie Männer über Frauen reden

Deutschland 2016 | Drama, Comedy, Love-story | Henrik Regel | 12

In trendy Kreuzberg DJ, Marine, Frankie, Marco, and Tine try to find out how to score best with the other sex.

Wolke unterm Dach

Deutschland 2022 | Drama | Alain Gsponer

After the death of her mother Julia, father Paul and 8 year old Lily have to cope with their grief and each other.


Deutschland 2018 | Comedy | Detlev Buck

A comedy about dogs and their owners.

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