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Tutto quello che vuoi

Tutto quello che vuoi | Italien 2017 | Comedy, Tragicomedy | Francesco Bruni

23 year old slacker Alessandro is ordered by his father to help Alzheimer‘s afflicted Giorgio and befriends the old man.

Cosa sara

Cosa sara | I 2020 | Drama | Francesco Bruni

After a small accident, Bruno Salvati is diagnosed with leukemia. His life is turned upside down. The first thing he has to do is find a compatible stem cell donor. Then his father Umberto reveals a secret from the past.

Tutta la vita davanti

Tutta la vita davanti | I 2008 | Comedy | Paolo Virzi

N (Io e Napoleone)

N (Io e Napoleone) | F/I/E 2006 | Comedy | Paolo Virzi

Elba, 1814. Napoleon is in exile. The emperor hires young Martino Acquabona as his secretary. Little does he know that Martino is a jakobin who wants to see him dead.

Noi 4

I 2014 | Comedy | Francesco Bruni


I 1997 | Drama, Comedy | Paolo Virzi


Scialla! | Italien 2011 | Comedy | Francesco Bruni

Professor Bruno Beltrame (Fabrizio Bentivoglio) discovers that the hopeless pupil he is tutoring, Luca (Filippo Scicchitano), is actually his son. He is then asked to look after him for six months. The teenager’s life motto is “chill out.”

Il capitale umano

Il Capitale Umano | Frankreich/Italien 2013 | Drama, Thriller | Paolo Virzì | 12

HUMAN CAPITAL takes the novel of the same name by American author Stephen Amidon into the heart of high finance: northern Italy. Dino Ossola, a sleazy real-estate agent, hopes to profit from his daughter’s liaison with the son of a rich investment ...

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