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Ein Gespräch mit François Ozon

Eine neue Freundin

Interview mit François Ozon zu SOMMER 85

„Die Schönheit des Lebens besteht in der Flucht“

L'amant double

L'Amant double | Frankreich 2017 | Drama, Romance Films, Thriller | François Ozon | 16

Chloé falls for her gentle psychoanalyst and enters into an relationship with him. Later she discovers that he has a twin brother who is also an psychoanalyst but much less gentle.


816 | Frankreich/Deutschland 2016 | Drama, History | François Ozon | 12

Quedlinburg, Germany after World War I. Anna meets a young man, who puts flowers on the grave of her fiancé Frantz. Adrien is a young Frenchman, who Anna assumes to be an old friend of Frantz. But Adrien has a secret.

By the Grace of God

Grâce à dieu | Frankreich 2019 | Drama | Francois Ozon | 6

Francois Ozon‘s film about the abuse scandals in the Catholic church is more interested in the victims than the perpetrators. From banker Alexandre, programmer Pierre, to day laborer Emmanuel, the film shows how differently trauma is dealt with.

Dans la maison

Dans la maison | F 2012 | Thriller | Francois Ozon | 12

Frustrated teacher Germain is trying to make literature interesting to his 16 year students. Disappointed with the results, he decides to dedicate his time to Claude’s work – which takes his breath away.

Jeune & jolie

Jeune & jolie | F 2013 | Drama | Francois Ozon | 16

A film about a 17 year old who has sex for money on the side and refuses to say why.

Une nouvelle amie

Une nouvelle amie | Frankreich 2013 | Drama | Francois Ozon | 12 | Interview

When Laura dies, her best friend Claire and her husband David support each other. One day Claire finds David in one of Laura's dresses. She is both disgusted - and intrigued.

Le refuge

Le refuge | F 2009 | Drama | Francois Ozon | 12


Potiche | F 2011 | Comedy | Francois Ozon | 6

Summer Of 85

Été 85 | Frankreich 2020 | Drama | Francois Ozon | 12 | Interview

Summer of 1985: 16-year-old Alexis meets and is charmed by confident highschool-dropout Alexis.

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool | F 2003 | Drama, Crime Drama | Francois Ozon | 12

Sous le sable

Sous le sable | F 2000 | Drama | Francois Ozon | 12

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