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Shahrbanoo Sadat zu KABUL KINDERHEIM

„Im Kino geht es um Geschichten, und ich habe die Geschichten.“

Interview mit Sara Fazilat über NICO

"Wir wollten das mal anders zeigen"

Interview mit Phyllis Nagy zu CALL JANE

"Es geht mir um Schwesternschaft"


Marokko/Frankreich/Belgien 2019 | Drama | Maryam Touzani | 6

A young, heavily pregnant young woman wanders around the narrow streets of Casablanca looking for work and shelter. Samia is rejected everywhere, until she knocks on the door of single mom Abla.


Alcarras | Spanien/Italien 2022 | Drama | Carla Simón

The Solé family has been cultivating a peach farm for generations. Day laborers gather the harvest. The Pinyol family, who own the property, wants to build a solar park on the grounds. The Berlinale Golden Bear winner.

Extraordinary journey of Celeste Garcia

El viaje extraordinario de Celeste Garcia | Kuba/Deutschland 2018 | Comedy, Science Fiction | Arturo Infante

People disappear under mysterious circumstances. The government says it was aliens that have now returned home and are also inviting some Cubans to follow them to the planet of Gryok. Widow Celeste enthusiastically signs up for the trip.

Berlin Four Lovers

Berlin 4 Lovers | Deutschland 2019 | Documentary, Metropolitan Movie | Leonie Loretta Scholl, Pedro Costa Neves

BERLIN 4 LOVERS portrays the love lives of seven young men and women in the environment they feel comfortable in and the radical changes in dating behavior caused by the Tinder-App.


Bruno | Großbritannien 2019 | Drama | Karl Golden | 6

Daniel lives alone with his dog Bruno and repairs electrical appliances – until he loses everything. BRUNO is a smart, gentle film that clearly shows how hard it is for a person in a precarious position to come out of it on their own in the best ...

Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles

Buñuel en el laberinto de las tortugas | Spanien/Niederlande 2018 | Animation, Biography | Salvador Simó | 12

An animated biopic with surrealist flourishes

Call Jane

USA 2022 | Drama | Phyllis Nagy | Interview

CALL JANE tells a fictionalized version of the formation of the “Jane Collective,“ a network of activists that performed hundreds of illegal, but safe, abortions in the 60s and 70s in Chicago.

The Case You (2022)

The Case You (2022) | Deutschland 2020 | Documentary | Alison Kuhn | 12

In Alison Kuhn‘s documentary, five actresses talk about the traumatic experiences that have had during a manipulative audition on a stage, which is also a safe space.

Chichinette: The Accidental Spy

Chichinette – Wie ich zufällig Spionin wurde | Deutschland 2019 | Documentary, Biography | Nicola Alice Hens | oA

Marthe Hoffnung was a spy for the French army and delivered important information that contributed to the end of World War II. The films shows her during her lecture tours and listens as she talks about how it all came to be back then.

Da kommt noch was

Deutschland/Schweiz 2021 | Tragicomedy | Mareille Klein

Helga falls in love with Ryszard, her cleaner‘s holiday replacement, while sitting at home with a broken foot. However, the uneven power balance is in the way as well as the racist, narrow-minded attitudes in Helga‘s circle of friends.

The Novelist's Film

So-seol-ga-ui Yeong-hwa | Südkorea 2022 | Comedy, Drama | Hong Sangsoo | oA

Director Hong Sang-See once again dedicates his newest film, which is set during the pandemic, to a woman and her encounters: reunions, first meetings, greetings and farewells.

The Conductor

De Dirigent | Niederlande 2018 | Drama, Biography | Maria Peters

Antonia “Willy“ Brico (Christanne de Bruijn) wants to become a conductor in 1926. A solid, likable, and feminist-minded film.

Easy Love

Deutschland 2019 | Documentary, Experimental film, | Tamer Jandali | 16

Non-professional actors playing themselves following a screenplay based on their own experiences: EASY LOVE by director Tamer Jandali is an experiment in matters of cinematic authenticity.

Oskar & Lilly

Oskar & Lilly | Österreich 2020 | Drama | Arash T. Riahi | 6

Young siblings Oskar and Lilli, refugee children from Chechnya, get separated and go to foster families, one more problematic than the next.

A Tale of Three Sisters

Kız Kardeşler | Türkei/ Deutschland/ Niederlande/ Griechenland 2019 | Drama | Emin Alper

Three sisters who were put up for adoption return to their biological father. They exchange a life as a maid in the city with one as a maid in a tiny village in the Anatolian mountains.

End of Season

Deutschland 2019 | Drama | Elmar Imanov

A family after a season on the beach in Baku. The father is cruel, the mother is sad, the son is annoyed. A lot needs to happen for them to come together again.

Marona's Fantastic Tale

L'extraordinaire voyage de Marona | Frankreich/Rumänien 2019 | Tierfilm, Animation | Anca Damian | oA

A mixed-breed dog looks back on moments in her life. Animated.


Deutschland 2021 | Documentary | Monika Treut | oA

In 1999 Monika Treut filmed the documentary GENDERNAUTS about the queer and trans communities in San Francisco. 20 years later, Treut dedicates the documentary GENDERATION to the legacy of the pioneers of what was then new gender theory.

Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen, a Journey, a Song

Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen, a Journey, a Song | USA 2021 | Documentary, Music Films | Dan Geller, Dayna Goldfine

The documentary follows the story behind what is probably Leonard Cohen‘s most well-known song.


Zgjoi | Kosovo/Schweiz/Mazedonien 2021 | Drama | Blerta Basholli

Kosovo, seven years after the end of the war: countless people who were kidnapped by the Serbian military are still missing. In the small village of Krusha e Madhe, Fahrije is trying to support her family and starts producing ajvar despite the ...


L'Horizon | Frankreich 2021 | Drama | Émilie Carpentier

17 year old Adja, who lives in a poor Parisian suburb, is primarily interested in dancing, partying and having fun. She comes into contact with the environmental movement through a colleague and starts getting involved.

Das innere Leuchten

Deutschland 2019 | Documentary | Stefan Sick | 6

The lives of people with dementia take place in the present, the past and the future don't mean much. The director researches everyday life in a care facility and captures the resident's "inner light."

The Orphanage

Parwareshghah | Dänemark/ Afghanistan/ Deutschland/ Luxemburg 2019 | Drama | Shahrbanoo Sadat | 12 | Interview

The late 1980s in Afghanistan. Cinephile Quodat lives on the streets of Kabul before he is picked up by the police and taken to a children‘s home.

Promised Lands

Kinder der Hoffnung – Promised Lands | Deutschland/Israel 2021 | Documentary | Yael Reuveny | oA

Jewish director Yael Reuveny, born in 1980 in Petah Tikva, visits her classmates who all promised to “always stay here and build up the country.“


Deutschland 2021 | Semi-documentary Film | Serpil Turhan

Yearning is the leitmotif of the documentary KÖY, in which German-Kurdish director Serpil Turhan portrays three Kurds living in Berlin: cafe owner Saniye, young activist Hêvîn, and Neno, Turhan‘s own grandmother.


Medena Zemja: Honeyland | Nordmazedonien 2019 | Documentary | Ljubomir Stefanov, Tamara Kotevska | 6

Haditze, a daughter and beekeeper in a remote Macedonian village, takes care of her mother and the bees that live in craggy rock faces, tree trunks, and ruins and make honey. A documentary.

Land of Dreams

Land of Dreams | USA/Deutschland/Katar 2021 | Comedy, Science Fiction | Shoja Azari, Shirin Neshat | 12

LAND OF DREAMS opens a portal to a poetic, desert in-between world, in which Iranian-American Simin works as a “dream catcher.“ On behalf of the census board, she asks people about their dreams. She herself doesn‘t really know why.

Liebe, D-Mark und Tod – Ask, Mark ve Ölüm

Ask, Mark ve Ölüm | Deutschland 2022 | Documentary | Cem Kaya | 12

Director Cem Kaya‘s documentary about the music production of Turkish-Germans from the 1950s to the present is a fast-paced ride through more than half a century of Turkish-German history.


Lingui | Belgien/Deutschland/Frankreich 2022 | Drama | Mahamat-Saleh Haroun | 16

Amina is barely making ends meet with her 15 year old daughter Maria when a catastrophe happens: Maria is pregnant after getting raped and abortion is banned in Chad.

My Name Is Violeta

Me llamo Violeta | Spanien 2019 | Documentary | David Fernández de Castro

11-year-old Violeta knows she is a girl – she just has to explain it to her parents first. The documentary VIOLETA is about what it can mean to be trans and shows parents how they can support their trans children.

You Will Die at Twenty

You Will Die At 20 | Sudan/ Frankreich/ Ägypten/ Deutschland/ Norwegen/ Katar 2019 | Drama | Amjad Abu Alala | 12


Deutschland 2021 | Drama | Eline Gehring | 12 | Interview

German-Persian NICO (Sara Fazilat) is brutally attacked on the way home from a party – and with that everything changes for the fun-loving and confident Berliner geriatric nurse.

The Crossing

La traversée | Frankreich/ Tschechische Republik/ Deutschland 2021 | Roadmovie, Drama, Animation | Florence Miailhe

French painter Florence Miailhe worked on THE ODYSSEY for 10 years. The first animated film using oil paintings on glass tells the flight story of sisters Kyona and Ariel while also always looking for the bright moments in the darkness.


Deutschland 2020 | Drama, Music Films | Alexander Kluge, Khavn | 12

Orpheus becomes ORPHEA: renowned German experimental filmmaker Alexander Kluge and his Filipino colleague Khavn De La Cruz do a gender swap of the ancient Greek saga in their fragmentary essay film.

The Other Side of the River – No Women No Revolution

Deutschland/Finnland 2021 | Documentary | Antonia Kilian | 12

German director Antonia Killian portrays soldiers in the autonomous Kurdish region of Rojava.

A Dog Called Money

A Dog Called Money | Irland/Großbritannien 2019 | Documentary, Music Films | Seamus Murphy | 6

Documenting a unique recording and the travels that inspired it.

Port Authority

USA/Frankreich 2019 | Drama | Danielle Lessovitz

Rebellinnen – Fotografie. Underground. DDR

Rebellinnen – Fotografie. Underground. DDR | Deutschland 2022 | Documentary | Pamela Meyer-Arndt | 12

In REBELLINNEN, Pamela Meyer-Arndt portrays three East German artists who were working and living in the GDR in the 70s: Cornelia Schleime, Gabriele Stötzer and Tina Bara.

Los Reyes

Chile/Deutschland 2018 | Documentary, Tierfilm | Bettina Perut, Ivan Osnovikoff | 6

LOS REYES depicts the co-existence between humans and animals in the city environment with the help of street dogs Futbol and Chola, who live in a skate park in Santiago, Chile.

Searching Eva

Deutschland 2019 | Documentary | Pia Hellenthal | 16

Eva is what is called an “influencer,“ a term that is often used disparagingly. But you could also say: she is an artist with internet access.


Österreich 2022 | Drama | Kurdwin Ayub | 12

Yesmin, Bella, and Nati perform “Losing My Religion“ wearing a hijab. Only one of them, Kurdish Yesmin, wears a headscarf in real life, and she gives the directions. But when Bella posts the video online without asking Yesmin, the act of freedom ...

Spuren – Opfer des NSU

Spuren – Opfer des NSU | Deutschland 2019 | Documentary | Aysun Bademsoy | 12

Documentary following the relatives of three men killed by right-wing terrorists between 2000 and 2007.

Paradise War: The Story of Bruno Manser

Bruno Manser | Schweiz/Österreich 2019 | Drama | Niklaus Hilber | 12

Bruno Manser backpacks in the Malaysian rain forest in order to find himself. Soon after, he fights alongside the Penan tribe against the clearing of the rain forest.


Deutschland 2020 | Drama | Florian Dietrich | 12

Babtou is under threat of deportation, so he marries his best friend Dennis. The issue which is usually subtextual in the “male friendship“ genre is at the core here: heterosexual love between two men who are learning how to express their ...


Finnland 2020 | Drama, Biography | Zaida Bergroth | 12

Tove Jansson, who lives in Helsinki, wants to become an artist but has a creative crisis during World War II wherein she doodles little trolls that go on to become the world famous Moomins.

Trans – I Got Life

Deutschland/Russland/USA 2021 | Documentary | Doris Metz, Imogen Kimmel | 12

The documentary shows how plastic surgery can help trans patients feel comfortable in their bodies. It portrays men and women in different life and transitional phases as well as their doctors and their work.

Familia sumergida

Familia sumergida | Argentinien 2018 | Drama | María Alche | oA

Her sister Rina is dead and Marcella stays behind, she remains a wife, mother, and alive. Director Maria Alché accompanies her in an extraordinarily light-footed way through her grief which sometimes takes on surreal traits.


Uta | Deutschland 2020 | Documentary | Mario Schneider | 12

Portrait of a street musician.


Vesper | Litauen/Frankreich/Belgien 2022 | Drama, Science Fiction | Kristina Buozyte, Bruno Samper

In the post-apocalyptic sci-fi adventure movie VESPER CHRONICLES, 13 year old Vesper has a hard and lonely life in a desolate no man‘s land – until she meets and befriends citadel inhabitant Camelia in the forest.

Wem gehört mein Dorf?

Deutschland 2021 | Documentary | Christoph Eder | oA

In Göhren on the island of Rügen a citizens‘ initiative is revolting against the bogged down political structures. A documentary.

Wir alle das Dorf

Wir alle das Dorf | Deutschland 2021 | Documentary | Antonia Traulsen, Claire Roggan

A “village of the future“ is meant to be built in the Wendland region. It is going to be queer-friendly and eco-friendly and should be made up of one third older people, one third families with children, and one third refugees.

Parents - Wir Eltern

Wir Eltern | Schweiz 2019 | Comedy, Drama | Eric Bergkraut, Ruth Schweikert | 6

Das Wunder von Taipeh

Deutschland 2019 | Documentary, Sportfilm | John David Seidler | oA

In the MIRACLE OF TAIPEI former female national players talk about how Germany placed many obstacles in their way and about their own, lifelong passion for football that couldn‘t be taken away by a bunch of old, white men.

Yalda, a Night for Forgiveness

Iran/Frankreich/Deutschland/Schweiz 2019 | Drama | Massoud Bakhshi | 12

In the fictional reality show “Joy of Forgiveness,“ the 22 year old Iranian Maryam Komijani who has been sentenced to death is fighting for her life: if the family of the aggrieved forgives her, she can be pardoned.

Zuhurs Töchter

Deutschland 2021 | Documentary | Laurentia Genske, Robin Humboldt | 12

Samar and Lohan are trans and lived as boys in Syria, but in Germany they finally want to live their lives as women in peace. For their parents they are “two sons who have transformed into women.“

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