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Trespass Against Us

Trespass against us | Großbritannien 2016 | Drama, Crime Drama, Thriller | Adam Smith | 16

The Cutlers are an archaic family of outlaws who roam the fringes of UK society, taking whatever they need. Chad (Michael Fassbender) is the king of the game, but he wants his children to have a different future.


USA 2018 | Drama, Comedy, Action | Nash Edgerton | 16

Harold (David Oyelowo), a middle-aged employee of a pharmaceutical company is headed to Mexico. A big deal is supposed to happen there that catapults squeaky clean Harold into being at the center of a criminal scheme.

The Way Back

The Way Back | USA 2020 | Drama | Gavin O'Connor | 12

Former baseball star whose career was wrecked by tragedy and alcohol gets the chance to face his demons and make good by coaching a young team.


Großbritannien 2015 | Drama, Historical Film | Sarah Gavron | 12

SUFFRAGETTE follows the trajectory of Maud Watts (Carey Mulligan), a laundry worker and young mother, who turns from interested bystander into a committed suffragette standing at the side of bomb-laying Edith Ellyn (Helena Bonham-Carter).

Suite francaise

Suite francaise | Kanada/Frankreich/Großbritannien 2014 | Drama, War Film, Love Stories | Saul Dibb | 12

With her husband missing in action during WWII, French villager Lucille (Michelle Williams) has to shelter a German officer (Matthias Schoenaerts) and falls in love with him. An Adaptation of Irène Némirovsky’s bestselling novel.

Boy Erased

USA 2018 | Biography, Drama | Joel Edgerton | 12

Jared is raised in a caring home, but after telling his father, baptist preacher Marshall (Russell Crowe), about an incident in college, he puts him in the “Love in Action“ program that is meant to drive out his homosexuality.

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