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The 355

China/USA 2021 | Action, Thriller, Crime Drama | Simon Kinberg | 16

A group of international spies has to find a weapon before a terrorist organisation does and uses it to start World War III.


Carlos | F/D 2010 | Drama, Thriller | Olivier Assayas

Girl on the Train

USA 2016 | Mystery, Thriller | Tate Taylor | 16

Paula rides on the train to work every day and always sees a couple in their house while commuting. She make a shocking observation one day and finds herself deeply entrenched in a net filled with lies and fantasies.


USA 2016 | Adventure, Drama, Thriller | Stephen Gaghan | 12

Prospector Kenny Walls is about to be bankrupt in 1988. He gets the idea to search for gold in the Indonesian rain forest and the dreamer does indeed discover gold. A meteoric rise follows – as well as a rapid crash.

Jungle Cruise

USA 2021 | Adventure, Fantasy, Family Film | Jaume Collet-Serra | 12

Fantasy adventure based on a Disneyland ride. A group of people goes upriver to find a mythical, magical tree.


Resistance (2019) | Frankreich/ USA/ Deutschland/ Großbritannien 2020 | Drama, Biography, Historical Film | Jonathan Jakubowicz | 12

Before he became a world-famous mime, Marcel Marceau was active in the French Resistance. Starring Jesse Eisenberg.


MEX 2018 | Documentary | Edgar Ramirez

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