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The Current War

The Current War | USA 2017 | Biography, Drama | Alfonso Gomez-Rejon | 6

A chronicle of the competition between T.A. Edison and N. Tesla and the electrical systems they represented.

The Art of Racing in the Rain

The Art of Racing in the Rain | USA 2019 | Comedy, Tierfilm | Simon Curtis | 6

Dying Golden Retriever Enzo looks back on his life and that of his owner Denny, a man torn between the love for his family and that for racing.

God's Own Country

Großbritannien 2017 | Drama, Love-story | Francis Lee | 12

Johnny Saxby leads a tough, lonely life on his father’s farm in Yorkshire. When Romanian seasonal worker Goerghe shows up and Johnny falls in love a whole new world opens for him.

The Hate U Give

USA 2018 | Drama, Crime Drama, Literary Film Adaptations | George Tillman Jr. | 12

THE HATE U GIVE is not a true story, yet watching it feels like swallowing a pill in which every account of a police murder of a person of color in the US has been compacted, and laced with Red Bull.


USA/Großbritannien/Australien 2016 | Drama | Garth Davis | 12

Little Saroo falls asleep in a freight car one night and lands in Calcutta 1600 kilometers away. Adult Saroo begins to search for his roots years after being adopted by an Australian family.


Indien 2015 | Drama, Comedy | Prashant Nair | 6

As a boy Ramakant witnessed his big brother Udai departing to the fabulous and far away UMRIKA. Years later his brother’s letters have stopped coming and he begins to search for him.

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