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Blue Velvet

Blue Velvet | USA 1985 | Psychothriller | David Lynch | 16

Evil is looming behind the white picket fences in David Lynch's psychological thriller BLUE VELVET.

David Lynch: The Art Life

David Lynch: The Art Life | Dänemark/USA 2016 | Documentary, Film about film-making, Biography | Jon Nguyen, Olivia Neergaard-Holm, Rick Barnes | oA

David Lynch isn’t just a world-famous director of mysterious films; he is also a successful surrealist painter. The documentary DAVID LYNCH: THE ART OF LIFE is dedicated to this lesser known side of Lynch.

The Elephant Man

The Elephant Man | GB 1980 | Drama | David Lynch | 12

The story of a severely deformed man in 19th century London. Known as the "Elephant Man," he was "exhibited" as a sideshow attraction in Victorian England until helped by a young surgeon. A film by David Lynch starring John Hurt and Anthony Hopkins.


USA 1977 | Horror | David Lynch

Henry Spencer lives in a shabby room in a run-down area surrounded by dirt and insects, to whom he has an almost fetishistic relationship with. When his girlfriend Mary has a premature birth to a being that looks more like a calf fetus than a human, ...

Inland Empire

USA/P/F 2006 | Phantastischer Film, Thriller | David Lynch | 12

Former star actress Nikki Grace gets a new film role. While slipping into the role of Susan Blue, fiction and reality and the past, present, and future begin to merge.

Lost Highway

USA 1996 | Drama, Thriller | David Lynch | 16


USA 2017 | Drama | John Carroll Lynch | oA

Harry Dean Stanton in his last role: Lucky has a peaceful routine in a sleepy desert town. One day he falls over and has to grapple with his imminent death.

Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive | USA/F 2001 | Thriller | David Lynch | 16

The Straight Story

The Straight Story | USA 1999 | Drama | David Lynch | 12

Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart | USA 1989 | Gangster Film | David Lynch | 16


USA 1983 | Literary Film Adaptations, Science Fiction | David Lynch | 12

David Lynch's unfairly maligned take on the Frank-Herbert-novel.

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