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Interview mit Regisseur Julius Schultheiß zu LOTTE

„Viele Locations, ein paar Scheinwerfer und ein 65-seitiges Drehbuch“

4 Könige

Deutschland 2015 | Drama, Comedy | Theresa von Eltz | 12

Lara, Timo, Fedja and Alex have to spent Christmas in the juvenile psychiatric ward. With the help Dr. Wolff they spent an unforgettable night together.

Fünf Frauen

Fünf Frauen | Deutschland 2016 | Thriller | Olaf Kraemer | 12

Five childhood friends spend a weekend together. What starts off as a psychodrama turns into a trashy thriller when a sex offender appears and dies while they’re tripping on drugs.


Deutschland/Belgien 2016 | Drama, Love-story | Johannes Schmid | 12

Non-fiction writer Walter and physics student Agnes have a tempestuous affair. When they start to write down their story, the words on the page begin to influence their relationship.

Als wir die Zukunft waren

Deutschland 2015 | Documentary | Lars Barthel, Hannes Schönemann, Gabriele Denecke, Peter Kahane

Seven filmmakers who were born in the GDR talk about their youth in an extinct country.

Ana, mon amour

Rumänien 2017 | Drama, Love Stories | Calin Peter Netzer

Told in flashbacks and with strong contrasts, ANA, MON AMOUR shows the interior life of Toma during his relationship with Ana, a relationship in which the borders between love and dependency and power and pity are hard to discern.

Toivon tuolla puolen

Toivon tuolla puolen | Finnland 2017 | Drama | Aki Kaurismäki | 6

Khaled the mechanic has fled from Syria and has crossed half of Europe landing in Helsinki as a stowaway. Sales representative Wikström leaves his alcoholic wife and job and buys a run-down restaurants and hires Khaled.


Tiere | Polen/Schweiz/Österreich 2017 | Drama, Mystery | Greg Zglinski | 12

Inconsistencies, confusions, question marks, and red herrings. Talking animals and mysterious coincidences. Clearly influenced by David Lynch, ANIMALS shows a couple in crisis.

Asphalt Gorillas

Asphalt Gorillas | Deutschland 2018 | Thriller, Drama, Literary Film Adaptations | Detlev Buck | 12

Detlev Buck‘s comedy thriller about two small-time criminals who want to get the big bucks is a wild mix of humor, style, tension, and broad characters with some of them being directly imported from the video game series “Grand Theft Auto.“

Atomic Falafel

Israel/Neuseeland/Deutschland 2015 | Drama, Comedy | Dror Shaul

The Israeli military suspects an imminent attack by Iranian nuclear weapons and contemplates a pre-emptive strike. 15-year old Nofar whose mother runs a falafel snack bar and her Iranian internet friend may be the only ones to prevent a global ...

Auf der Jagd – Wem gehört die Natur?

Deutschland/Kanada 2018 | Documentary | Alice Agneskirchner | 6

Filmmaker Alice Agneskirchner juxtaposes different views on hunting in her very informative documentary.


Rodin | Frankreich/Belgien 2017 | Drama, Biography | Jacques Doillon | 6

Jacques Doillons impressionistic biopic about sculptor Auguste Rodin begins in Rodin’s spacious studio and spends most of its time there.

Axolotl Overkill

Deutschland 2017 | Drama, Comedy, Literary Film Adaptations | Helene Hegemann | 12

16 year old Mifti moves in with her older half siblings in Berlin after her mother passes away and gets sucked into big city life. AXOLOTL OVERKILL is an adaptation of Helene Hegemann’s hotly debated debut novel.

The Big Sick

USA 2017 | Romance Films, Comedy, Drama | Michael Showalter | 6

A charming US indie comedy about a Pakistani-American comedian who only realizes his ex is “the one“ when she‘s in a coma. The film knows when it's in danger of becoming cheesy and knows how to avoid it.

Blind & Hässlich

Deutschland 2017 | Drama, Comedy | Tom Lass | 12

Just before her graduation, Jona escapes to go live with her blind cousin in Berlin. She pretends to be blind herself so she can get a room in her cousin’s assisted living facility. During her stay she meets Fredi who has social phobias but opens ...

Censored Voices

Israel/Deutschland 2014 | Mor Loushy

Right after the ‘Six-Day War’ writer and journalist Amos Oz interviewed the homecoming soldiers. Their intimate descriptions of the war ran counter to the official narrative and were censored. In CENSORED VOICES they are heard for the first time.

Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck

Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck | USA 2015 | Documentary | Brett Morgen

Brett Morgan's documentary picture - the only film the Cobain's family authorized - paints an intimate portrait of the Nirvana singer who killed himself at the height of his success.

Dancing Beethoven

Schweiz/Spanien 2016 | Documentary | Arantxa Aguirre | oA

A documentary about an international ballet project that revived one of the most breathtaking dance performances of the 20th century.


Demolition | USA 2015 | Drama, Comedy | Jean-Marc Vallée | 12

After losing his wife in a car accident investment Banker Davis Mitchell feels numb. He tries to access his feelings by wreaking havoc and seeking for an emotional response within in himself.

Ce sentiment de l'ete

Ce sentiment de l'été | Deutschland/Frankreich 2015 | Drama | Mikhael Hers | oA

New York writer Lawrence lives in Berlin when one summer day his girlfriend Sasha suddenly dies. He meets with her sister Zoe who is as devastated as he is in the following two summers. A tender study of loss and all the feelings evoked by it.

Dior and I

Dior and I | Frankreich 2014 | Documentary | Frédéric Tcheng | oA

In this highly entertaining documentary French film maker Frédéric Tcheng portrays the new head designer of the Dior label, Raf Simons, as he supervises the creation of his first collection.


Posoki | Bulgarien/Deutschland 2017 | Drama | Stephan Komandarev

A series of taxi rides in Sofia at night make up a laconic portrait of contemporary Bulgarian society.

Normandie nue

Normandie Nue | Frankreich 2018 | Comedy, Drama | Philippe Le Guay | 6

The mayor of a small village in Normandy hires a photographer to call attention to the precarious situation of the farmers. Now he just has to tell them that they have to pose nude.

Draußen in meinem Kopf

Draußen in meinem Kopf | Deutschland 2018 | Drama | Eibe Maleen Krebs | 12

DRAUSSEN IN MEINEM KOPF is about the friendship between 28-year-old Sven, who has muscular dystrophy, and young volunteer Christoph who looks after him.

Das dunkle Gen

Deutschland/Schweiz 2015 | Documentary | Miriam Jakobs, Gerhard Schick | 12 | NEW RELEASE

El viaje – Ein Musikfilm mit Rodrigo Gonzalez

El viaje – Ein Musikfilm mit Rodrigo Gonzalez | Deutschland 2016 | Documentary, Music Films | Nahuel Lopez

Rodrigo Gonzales, bass player and songwriter of the German pop punk band Die Ärzte, travels to Chile where his family emigrated from in 1974. He is looking for the protest songs of the 70’s, the “Nueva Cancion Chilena”.

Elvis & Nixon

King im Oval Office | USA 2016 | Historical Film, Comedy | Liza Johnson | oA

Elvis Presley offers himself up as an undercover agent to President Richard Nixon in December 1970. An amusing acting tour de force with Kevin Spacey and Michael Shannon.


Indignation | USA 2016 | Drama | James Schamus | 12

Gifted student Marcus rebels against bourgeois conformism embodied by dean Dean Caudwell in the small town of Winesburg in the early 1950s. An adaptation of a Philip Roth novel.

Erich Mielke – Meister der Angst

Deutschland 2015 | Documentary, Drama | Jens Becker, Maarten van der Duin

Based on protocols of Stasi-Boss Erich Mielke’s interrogation by a psychologist after his arrest as well as archive material, ERICH MIELKE paints a portrait of the most feared man in the GDR.

Escobar – Paradise Lost

Escobar: Paradise Lost | Frankreich/Spanien/Belgien 2014 | Thriller | Andrea Di Stefano | 16

Canadian brothers Nick and Dylan found a surfing school on the Colombian coast. Nick and Maria start flirting and Dylan doesn’t feel right about it. Maria happens to be infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar’s niece.


Deutschland/Portugal 2016 | Drama, Thriller | Jonas Rothländer | 16

Fabian’s “damn jealousy“ is pissing Doro off. The relationship between the doctor and the architect, both around 30, fell apart because of Fabian’s distrust in the past. Now, in Lisbon, they attempt to start anew, though nothing has ...


Hostiles | USA 2017 | Western, Drama, Adventure | Scott Cooper | 16

Disillusioned northern officer Joseph J. Blocker (Christian Bale) and fatally ill Cheyenne chief Yellow Hawk (Wes Studi) form an involuntary team in Scott Cooper‘s late Western.

Das Floß!

Deutschland 2014 | Drama, Comedy | Julia C. Kaiser | 12

Katha and Jana are going to get married. They want to start a family. But their stag night will put their relationship to the test; While Katha has to spend it on a raft with four men – including their sperm donor - Jana is at a rave with a very ...


USA 2014 | Biography, Drama, Sportfilm | Bennett Miller | 12

Bennet Miller (MONEYBALL) tells the story of the freestyle ringer Mark Schultz, his brother and trainer Dave and their excentric multi-millionaire sponsor John Eleuthère du Pont as intense personal drama.

Gaza Surf Club

D 2016 | Documentary | Philip Gnadt, Mickey Yamine | oA

GAZA SURF CLUB uses the portrait of a group of surfers who dream of freedom, the waves, and having their own surf shop to document daily life in the Gaza Strip.

While We're Young

USA 2014 | Comedy | Noah Baumbach | oA

When Josh (Ben Stiller) and Cornelia (Naomi Watts) meet the young and trendy couple Jamie (Adam Driver) and Darby (Amanda Seyfried) they also adopt their challenging mid-tewnties’ life style.

Die Geschichte vom Astronauten

Deutschland 2014 | Drama | Godehard Giese | oA

Charlotte is an author in search of inspiration. She retreats to an idyllic island on the Mediterranean. When she gets to know her landlord Renate, reality and fiction begin to merge.

Glebs Film

D 2010 | Documentary, Short-film | Christian Hornung

Global Family

Deutschland 2018 | Documentary | Andreas Köhler, Melanie Andernach | oA

Captain Shaash was the captain of the national soccer team and a real star in Somalia. When the still on-going Civil War broke out in 1989, Shaash and his family had to flea and have been dispersed in Germany, Italy, Canada, and Ethiopia ever since.


USA 2016 | Adventure, Drama, Thriller | Stephen Gaghan | 12

Prospector Kenny Walls is about to be bankrupt in 1988. He gets the idea to search for gold in the Indonesian rain forest and the dreamer does indeed discover gold. A meteoric rise follows – as well as a rapid crash.

Happy Burnout

Deutschland 2017 | Tragicomedy | André Erkau | 6

When old punk Fussel shows up at the job center, sympathetic case worker Mrs. Linde gives him a doctor’s certificate. However, the made up “burn out” diagnosis is coupled with stationary therapy…

The Happy Film

Frankreich/ USA/ Großbritannien/ Österreich/ Indonesien 2016 | Documentary | Ben Nabors, Stefan Sagmeister, Hillman Curtis | oA

Stefan Sagmeister, a cover art designer for The Rolling Stones, tests three methods to regain his happiness: meditation in a monastery, therapy and drugs.

Inhebbek Hedi

Inhebbek Hedi | Tunesien/Belgien/Frankreich 2016 | Drama | Mohamed Ben Attia | oA

25-year-old Hedi would like to break out of his life that is run by his overbearing mum. She organized his boring job and has a bride already lined up. The Tunisian entry in the Berlinale competition 2016 proves that emancipation is not just for ...

HERRliche Zeiten

Subs | Deutschland 2018 | Comedy, Drama | Oskar Roehler | 16

A crude farce about power, powerlessness, and decadence by professional provocateurs Thor Kunkel and Oskar Roehler.

Le ciel attendra

Le ciel attendra | Frankreich 2016 | Drama | Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar | 12

Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar highlights the story of radicalized teenagers Mélanie and Sonia and grieving mother Sylvia before, during, and after their Islamist radicalization. Inspired by real events.

Hoeng gong saam bou kuk

Hoeng gong saam bou kuk | Hong Kong 2016 | Essay Film | Christopher Doyle

Christopher Doyle, Wong Kar-Wai’s former cinematographer, works as a director as well. HONG KONG TRILOGY is a documentary with an essayist touch about the city state with the special status that could be understood as a plea for freedom.

How to Change the World

Kanada/Großbritannien 2015 | Biography, Documentary | Jerry Rothwell | 12

Tells the story of the early days of Greenpeace and how it became one of the biggest NGO’s in the world.

I want to see the Manager

I want to see the Manager | Deutschland/Italien 2014 | Documentary | Hannes Lang | oA

I WANT TO SEE THE MANAGER is an episodic documentary which surveys the current shift within the geopolitical power structure in order to reveal the interconnected realities of those who inhabit this planet.

Kaptn Oskar

Deutschland 2012 | Drama | Tom Lass | 12

In this German "mumblecore" experiment the young Berlin drifter Oskar ist stalked by a furious ex girlfriend, meets a new girl, Masha, and tries and fails to lead a platonic realtionship with her.

The Little Death

The Little Death | Australien 2014 | Liebeskomödie | Josh Lawson | 12

The directorial debut of Australian actor Josh Lawson. A film about the sexual proclivities of four couples and their ensuing relationship problems. Common fantasies like erotic role playing meet obscure sexual fetishes. And right in the middle of ...

König Laurin

D 2016 | Fantasy | Matthias Lang | oA

16-year-old Theo wants to prove to his father that he can be a proper knight even though he is much smaller than his friends, and not very good at sports. Then one day he meets the dwarf king Laurin who owns a magical belt of strength…

La La Land

USA 2016 | Musical, Tragicomedy | Damien Chazelle | oA

A lovely old-fashioned musical romance about a jazz pianist (Ryan Gosling) and an actress (Emma Stone) waiting for success and the conflict between external forces and idealistic wishes.

The Last Wolf

Le dernier loup | Frankreich 2015 | Adventure | Jean-Jacques Annaud | 12

Jacques Annaud’s Adaptation of the Chinese bestseller “The Wolf Tuteng” focuses on epic tundra landscapes and cute wolf cubs.

The Leisure Seeker

The Leisure Seeker | Frankreich/Italien 2017 | Roadmovie, Love Stories, Literary Film Adaptations | Paolo Virzì | 12

Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland play Ella and John, an older married couple who are still in love and decide to take a trip in an old mobile home named “Leisure Seeker.“ Their children are shocked and worried because John has Alzheimer‘s.

Ya tayr el tayer

Ya Tayr El Tayer | Großbritannien/ Niederlande/ Palästina/ Katar/ Vereinigte Arabische Emirate 2015 | Biography, Drama, Comedy | Hany Abu-Assad | oA

Based on the true story of “Arab Idol“ winner Mohammed Assaf, director Hany Abu-Assad’s feel-good movie shows how a student and cab driver from Gaza illegally crosses the border to Egypt to take part in the popular casting show.

Logan Lucky

USA 2017 | Crime Comedy | Steven Soderbergh | 12

Steven Soderbergh’s scoundrel comedy LOGAN LUCKY is like a smaller OCEANS 11 set in working-class West Virginia and is all about the lovable, bizarre characters a la the Coen brothers.


Deutschland 2016 | Drama, Familiy History | Julius Schultheiß | 16 | Interview

Nurse Lotte (“I’m nurse Lotte. If you need something, call someone else“) meets her daughter whom she left behind 15 years ago when she moved to Berlin.


Der Mann aus dem Eis | Deutschland/Italien/Österreich 2017 | Action, Historical Film | Felix Randau | 12

The film about Ötzi mixes the few known facts about the Neolithic man with a fictional story about injustice and retribution.


Deutschland/Schweiz 2016 | Drama | Michael Koch | 12

Michael Koch’s keenly observed and beautifully acted milieu study has the ructious and vulnerable Marija at the epicenter, whose dream of owning her own hair salon becomes a distant prospect when she loses her job as a hotel cleaning woman.

La chana

La Chana | USA/Island/Spanien 2016 | Documentary, Dance Film | Lucija Stojevic | oA

This personal portrait depicts La Chana's career in the 1960s and 1970s, when the Spaniard was the undisputed Queen of flamenco.

Meine Brüder und Schwestern im Norden

Deutschland/Nordkorea 2016 | Documentary | Sung-Hyung Cho | oA

After the success of FULL METAL VILLAGE about the Wacken Heavy Metal Festival, and two films about German-Korean history Sun Hyung Cho travels to North Korea and aims to come into contact with locals.


Frankreich 2014 | Drama | Bernard Bellefroid | 12

Melody, a Belgian hairdresser, needs money to open a salon. Emily, an English manager, longs for a baby she can’t have. Melody agrees to become a surrogate mother for Emily. It is a life-changing deal that draws them closer together than either of ...

Molly's Game

USA 2017 | Biography, Drama, Sportfilm | Aaron Sorkin | 12

After ending her skiing career, Molly Bloom causes quite a stir in Hollywood as an underground poker queen until she runs into trouble with the Russian mafia and the FBI.


Truth | USA 2015 | Drama, Politfilm | James Vanderbilt | oA

In 2004 CBS aired a feature suggesting George Bush Jr. dodged military service. Later the authenticity of the proof was questioned and the journalists responsible, Mary Mapes (Cate Blanchett) and Dan Rather (Robert Redford) faced a violent backlash.

A Most Violent Year

USA 2014 | Action, Drama, Crime Drama | J. C. Chandor | 12

J. C. Chandor (MARGIN CALL, ALL IS LOST) delivers another portrait of a lonesome upright hero. New York 1981. Abel Morales’ “Standard Heating Co.” is under pressure from competitors and the police. Morales desperately tries to defend his ...

De nieuwe wildernis

De Nieuwe Wildernis | Niederlande 2013 | Documentary | Mark Verkerk, Ruben Smit | oA

In this nature documentary the stars are beaver, fox, sea eagle, red deer and a herd of wild Konik horses. They live round the corner in the Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve not far from Amsterdam.

The Eyes of the Journey

Los ojos del camino | Peru 2016 | Documentary, Essay Film | Rodrigo Otero Heraud | oA

Hipólito Peralta Ccama, the spiritual healer (“paq‘o“) and protagonist of this documentary, believes that a deep understanding of nature is the key to human happiness.


La mécanique de l'ombre | Frankreich/Belgien 2016 | Espionage film, Thriller | Thomas Kruithof | 12

Dry alcoholic Duval accepts a job as a secret service employee out of desperation. He transcribes tapes of telephone surveillance until he gets involved with intrigue.

Die Reste meines Lebens

Deutschland 2016 | Drama | Jens Wischnewski | oA

The life of sound designer Schimon falls apart when his wife Jella dies in an accident. He meets lovable Milena and falls in love with her moments after he learns of Jella's death. Can you trust love when you’re in a state of emotional chaos and ...

Rettet Raffi!

Deutschland 2013 | Adventure, Family Film | Arend Agthe | oA

8 year old Sammy and his hamster Raffi are best friends. When the family car is stolen, Raffi disappears with it. While Sammy searches Hamburg for his pet, Raffi has exciting adventures in the big city.

Atomin paluu

Atomin paluu | Deutschland/Finnland 2015 | Documentary | Mika Taanila, Jussi Eerola

The filmmakers filmed the construction of a nuclear power plant in Eurajoki, a Finnish village, over a span of 8 years. The increasingly skeptical inhabitants and representatives of French enterprise Areva and Siemens all get a chance to speak.


Ohthes | Griechenland 2015 | Drama | Panos Karkanevatos | 12

RIVERBANKS tells a subtle love story from the banks of the river Evros that separates Greece and Turkey. Yannis, a soldier who clears leftover mines from the Cypriot War of 1974, falls for Chryssa who smuggles children over the Evros into Greece.

Rock the Kasbah

USA 2015 | Comedy | Barry Levinson | 12

Bill Murray plays music producer Richie Lanz who is stuck in Afghanistan. When he discovers the talented Salima, he decides to help her compete in the men-only casting show “Afghan Star”.


Deutschland/Dänemark/Norwegen 2016 | Drama, Comedy | Sara Johnsen | 12

Mothers and daughters: On her wedding day Unn Tove finds an abandoned baby on the toilet and hands it to the authorities. 16 years later teenager Rosemari is looking for her biological mother and meets Unn who helps her with her search.

Rote Kacke 6.1

Deutschland 2016 | Trash | Krischan Horn

Schneider vs. Bax

Niederlande 2015 | Gangster Film, Comedy | Alex van Warmerdam | 16

The new film by Alex van Wardammen (BORGMAN) pits the hitman/family man Schneider against slacker author Bax, who has a side job as a hitman and a date with Schneider. Both meet in the Dutch marshlands.

Veloce come il vento

Veloce com il vento | Italien 2016 | Drama, Family Film | Matteo Rovere | 12

When her father and coach dies, 17 year old race driver Giuilia finds herself alone and having to take care of debt, a house, and her underage brother. Then the “lost son,” ex-junkie Loris, reappears at the funeral and wants his share.

En underbar jävla jul

En underbar jävla jul | Schweden 2015 | Comedy | Helena Bergström

Oscar and Simon invite their lovely relatives to their new house in a suburb of Stockholm to tell them they are having a child with the help of their friend Cissi.


Deutschland/Schweiz/Iran 2015 | Documentary | Rokhsareh Ghaem Maghami | 6

Sonita, a young Afghan woman, who lives with her family in Teheran, raps fabout female self-determination. Her already precarious situation gets worse when her mother decides to marry her to a 60-year-old suitor. Documentary.

Soy Nero

Deutschland/Frankreich/USA/Mexiko 2016 | Drama | Rafi Pitts | 12

19 year old Nero joins the army to profit from the ”Dream Act“ which offers enlisted immigrants the chance to gain the right of residency in the US.


USA 2017 | Drama, Biography | David Gordon Green | 12

Jeff Bauman lost both of his lower legs in the Boston Marathon attack in 2013 and became a symbolic figure of US resistance against his will.


Frankreich/Italien 2015 | Drama, Crime Drama, Thriller | Stefano Sollima | 16

The film based on a non-fiction novel revolves around a politician who has dealings with the mob, prostitution, and real estate speculation in the public eye mapping an intricate, uncompromising neo noir genre picture of Rome.

T2 Trainspotting

Großbritannien 2017 | Drama | Danny Boyle | 16

La danseuse

La danseuse | Frankreich/Belgien/Tschechien 2016 | Biography, Drama, Music Films | Stéphanie Di Giusto | 12

Biopic about American Loïe Fuller who invented the “serpentine dance” and became the darling of turn-of-the-century Paris.

Theo et Hugo dans le meme bateau

Théo & Hugo dans le même bateau | Frankreich 2016 | Drama | Olivier Ducastel, Jacques Martineau | 16

Théo and Hugo meet in a sex club, see a doctor, and drift through the city in this modern nouvelle vague update.


ThuleTuvalu | Schweiz 2014 | Documentary | Matthias von Gunten

THULETUVALU portrays the effects of the climate change on communities at both ends of the globe: the Inuit in Greenlandic Thule and the inhabitants of the pacific atoll Tuvalu.

Tiger Girl

Deutschland 2017 | Drama, Social Drama | Jakob Lass | 16

Nice girl Maggie meets tough Tiger while at a security training course who teaches her to show her claws. TIGER GIRL is mostly improvised and indulges in the pure desire of breaking things, going wild, and transgressing limits.

Fai bei sogni

Fai bei sogni | Frankreich/Italien 2016 | Drama | Marco Bellocchio | 12

Based on the autobiography of journalist Massimo Gramellini, SWEET DREAMS centers on a 40 year old sports journalist who begins to process the unexplained, traumatic death of his mother when he was a child.

Une jeunesse allemande

Une Jeunesse allemande | Deutschland/Frankreich/Schweiz 2015 | Documentary | Jean-Gabriel Périot | 12

In his documentary assemblage French filmmaker Jean-Gabriel Périot explores the events and movements leading up to the founding of the Rote Armee Fraction in the 70s.

Under Sandet

Under Sandet | Deutschland/Dänemark 2015 | Drama, War Film | Martin Zandvliet | 12

May 1945. The war has ended and German POWs are forced to clear the western coast of Denmark of more than 2 million landmines. Martin Zandvliet’s drama focuses on the relationship between the young Germans and their commanding Danish Sergeant.

Voll Paula!

D 2015 | Comedy | Malte Wirtz

The lives of Paula, Louise, Max, Randolf, and Donnie are in shambles. Love and career prospects arise yet things don’t go as planned and the end could also be another beginning.

That Sugar Film

That Sugar Film | Australien 2014 | Documentary | Damon Gameau | oA

Damon Gameau explores what the Australian teenager’s average sugar intake does to his body and supports his experiment with a wealth of facts about sugar.


Deutschland/Frankreich 2016 | Science Fiction | Tarek Ehlail | 16

Germany, the near future. Refugees are penned up in awful transit zones. The police acts like an army of merceneries. When “Volt” accidentally kills an African one night, the mood boils over. A violent, dark thriller.

When God Sleeps

When God sleeps | Deutschland/USA 2017 | Documentary, Music Films | Till Schauder

There has been a fatwa against Iranian rapper Shahin Najafi ever since he sang about the penis of an Imam. Today he lives in hiding in Cologne, keeps changing his hairstyle, and communicates with his fans via Youtube.

The Daughter

The Daughter | Australien 2015 | Drama | Simon Stone

A resentful son causes two families to implode. An intense adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s play “The Wild Duck” starring Geoffrey Rush as patriarch Henry.

Wir töten Stella

Österreich 2017 | Drama | Julian Pölsler | NEW RELEASE

Richard and Anna, a bourgeois married couple. He seduces a young woman, Stella. She observes coldly and writes everything down. Adapted from a novel by Marlen Haushofer.

You'll Never Walk Alone

Deutschland 2017 | Documentary, Music Films | André Schäfer | oA

André Schäfer follows the genesis of the fan anthem “You’ll Never Walk Alone” from its beginnings in the theatre through its many incarnations as a musical, a film adaptation, a chart-topping single, and its revival as a football song.

A casa tutti bene

A Casa Tutti Bene | Italien 2018 | Comedy, Drama | Gabriele Muccino | 6

Alba and Pietro have invited all of their relatives to their golden wedding anniversary on the island of Ischia. It‘s meant to be a nice and harmonious family gathering...

The Mountain Between Us

The Mountain Between Us | USA 2017 | Drama, Romance Films, Adventure | Hany Abu-Assad | 12

Photojournalist Alex and neurosurgeon Ben have boarded a propeller aircraft in order to make their appointments despite their cancelled flight. After they crash, the strangers have to learn how to survive in the wilderness.

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