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The Contractor

USA 2022 | Action, Thriller, Crime Drama | Tarik Saleh

Don't Worry Darling

USA 2022 | Thriller | Olivia Wilde

There is something sinister hiding under the domestic bliss which is the wives of the men involved in the Victory Project live in. When Alice (Florence Pugh) investigates things turn horrifying.


Primaire | Frankreich 2016 | Drama | Hélène Angel | oA

Florence (Sara Forestier) lives in the eye of the hurricane. As a elementary school teacher and mother to an 11 year old son, she is surrounded by chaos from morning till night.

Hell or High Water

USA 2016 | Drama, Crime Drama, Social Drama, Western | David Mackenzie | 12

A neo Western about two lowlifes who rob banks in order to buy back their Ma’s farm. Jeff “TRUE GRIT” Bridges is the Sheriff who is after them. Nick Cave made the music.


Rebelles | Frankreich 2019 | Comedy, Crime Drama | Allan Mauduit | 16

REBELLES is reminiscent of the violent gangster and stoner comedies from England. The difference here is that the bustling and opinionated “buddies“ are women.

Star Trek

Star Trek | USA 2008 | Mystery, Action, Science Fiction | J. J. Abrams | 12

Star Trek Into Darkness

USA 2013 | Adventure, Action, Science Fiction | J. J. Abrams | 12

Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond | USA 2016 | Adventure, Action, Science Fiction | Justin Lin | 12

The enterprise gets ambushed while on a research mission and the crew manage to make a emergency landing at the very last second. Captain Kirk and his team have to face a mysterious and powerful enemy.

Entre amis

Entre amis | Frankreich 2015 | Comedy | Olivier Baroux | 12

Three friends and their wives are holidaying on a comfortable yacht in the Mediterranean. On their journey they have to weather marital and metereological storms.

Bye Bye, Morons!

Adieu Les Cons | Frankreich 2020 | Comedy | Albert Dupontel

An adoption drama as a loopy slapstick comedy: Suze (Virginie Efira) finds out that she is gravely ill and decides to look for the child she had to give up when she was 15. An enthusiastic blind archivist and a man suffering from burnout help her.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman | USA 2017 | Adventure, Action, Fantasy | Patty Jenkins | 12

Amazionian princess Diana was trained to be a warrior. She lives in an isolated island paradise and only finds out about the devastating conflicts in the rest of the world from a pilot forced to land on the island.

Wonder Woman 1984

USA 2020 | Action, Comic book movie, Adventure | Patty Jenkins | 12

A Wrinkle in Time

A Wrinkle in Time | USA 2016 | Adventure, Science Fiction, Family Film | Ava DuVernay | 6

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