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Somebody, Somewhere

Deux Moi | Frankreich 2019 | Comedy, Drama | Cédric Klapisch | 6

Two unlucky singles around 30 who could be destined for one another live in the same quarter in Paris and pass each other by.

The Mystery of Henri Pick

Le mystère Henri Pick | Frankreich 2019 | Comedy | Rémi Bezançon | oA

Cynical literary critic Jean-Michel is sceptical of the origin tale of the successful novel “The Last Hours of a Great Love“ - a Breton pizza chef Henri Pick is said to have written it in the back room of his pizzeria – and begins to ...

Connasse, Princesse des coeurs

Connasse, Princesse des coeurs | F 2015 | Semi-documentary Film, Comedy | Eloise Lang, Noemie Saglio

Uninhibited Parisian Camille wants to get a wealthy partner no matter what. Only one man comes in question: Prince Harry from England.

Photo de famille

Photo de famille | Frankreich 2018 | Comedy, Drama | Cécilia Rouaud | oA

When their beloved grandmother needs care, three troubled siblings start being a part of each other's life again.


Stillwater | USA 2021 | Drama | Tom McCarthy | 12

Bill Baker (Matt Damon) from Stillwater, Oklahoma regularly flies to Marseille, where his daughter is charged with killing her roommate.

Telle mere, telle fille

Telle mère, telle fille | Frankreich 2017 | Comedy | Noémie Saglio | oA

Avril and her mother Mado are very close but they couldn't be more different. Avril is 30, married, and lives her life strictly according to plan while her mother is going through a second puberty after her divorce.

On A Magical Night

Chambre 212 | Frankreich/Belgien 2019 | Comedy, Drama | Christophe Honoré

After 20 years of marriage Maria moves to the hotel across her apartment and looks at her marriage from the outside.

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