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Cicero | TR 2019 | Biography, History | Serdar Akar | 12

Cicha Noc - Silent Night

Cicha noc | PL 2017 | Drama, Comedy | Piotr Domalewski

Cici Babam

TR 2017 | Comedy | Meltem Bozoflu | NEW RELEASE

A Tale of Three Sisters

Kız Kardeşler | Türkei/ Deutschland/ Niederlande/ Griechenland 2019 | Drama | Emin Alper

Three sisters who were put up for adoption return to their biological father. They exchange a life as a maid in the city with one as a maid in a tiny village in the Anatolian mountains.

Gautas iskvietimas

Gautas iskvietimas | Litauen 2016 | Comedy | Tadas Vidmantas | 18

Very Senior: Attitude is everything

Deutschland 2018 | Documentary | Susan Gluth

A documentary about the bizarre world of the retirement community of Sun City, where there‘s no child or carelessly discarded candy wrapper to be seen, but there is a huge display board of funeral homes.


Deutschland 2015 | Drama, Thriller | Jakob M. Erwa | 12

Cello student Jessica is invited to take part in a well-regarded classical music competition in Moscow. She just moved in with her boyfriend and the great pressure that is put on her and the constant friction with her neighbors put a big strain on ...

Il comandante e la cicogna

Il comandante e la cicogna | I 2012 | Comedy | Silvio Soldini

Scarred Hearts

Inimi cicatrizate | Deutschland/Rumänien 2016 | Drama | Radu Jude | 12

A gravely ill man leads a lonely and reclusive life in a sanatorium while there’s war outside. The enigmatic adaptation of “Scarred Hearts” by Romanian author Max Blecher awakens the desire to delve into his work more.

La cicatrice interieure

La cicatrice intérieure | Island 1972 | Philippe Garrel

A composition of symbolic, surreal and almost mystic images.

La commare secca

La commare secca | I 1962 | Drama | Bernardo Bertolucci

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