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Chinese Puzzle

Casse-tête chinois | Frankreich 2013 | Drama, Comedy, Romance Films | Cédric Klapisch | 6

Cedric Klapisch brought together his ensemble from L´AUBERGE ESPAGNOLE and LES POUPÉES RUSSES. So much happened.


Django | Frankreich 2017 | Biography, Music Films | Etienne Comar | 12

DJANGO is less a film about guitarist Django Reinhardt and more about the attitude the Nazis had to jazz music and the persecution of Sinti and Roma in France.


Rebelles | Frankreich 2019 | Comedy, Crime Drama | Allan Mauduit | 16

REBELLES is reminiscent of the violent gangster and stoner comedies from England. The difference here is that the bustling and opinionated “buddies“ are women.

La belle saison

La Belle Saison | Frankreich 2015 | Drama, Love-story | Catherine Corsini | 12

In the summer of 1971 Delphine, a farmer’s daughter, moves to Paris, joins the women’s lib and falls in love with classy Carole. When she returns to the countryside to take over the farm Carole follows her home…

Otez-moi d'un doute

Ôtez-moi d'un doute | Frankreich 2017 | Comedy | Carine Tardieu | 6

When Erwan finds out that his father isn‘t his real father, he hires a detective to find his biological father. The search leads him to a charming old man who could fit the bill.

Le voyage de Fanny

Le voyage de Fanny | F 2016 | Drama, History | Lola Doillon

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