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Gemini Man

USa 2019 | Action, Science Fiction | Ang Lee | 12

Aging hitman Henry Brogan (Will Smith) finds himself under fire from a younger assassin who turns out to be his younger clone.


Overlord | USA 2018 | Action, Horror, Mystery | Julius Avery | 16

A US war film about D-Day.

Terminator – Dark Fate

Terminator – Dark Fate | USA 2019 | Action, Science Fiction | Tim Miller | 16

Continuing the timeline from TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY, the new instalment sees the return of Sarah Connor and an improved liquid-metal Terminator. Arnold will be back, too, as well as new arrival Natalia Reyes (BIRDS OF PASSAGE).

The Secret In Their Eyes

The Secret In Their Eyes | USA 2015 | Drama, Crime Drama | Billy Ray | 12

FBI agents Ray and Jess work closely together with lawyer Claire. Jess‘ daughter is suddenly killed but they have to let the likely killer go free due to lack of evidence.

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