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Deutschland 2016 | Drama | Omer Fast

Omer Fast’s second feature is a postmodern thriller that continues his 2012 “Continuity“ installation and is chock-full of unreliable narrators. Everyone is named Daniel and involved with the war in Afghanistan

Happy Hour

Deutschland 2015 | Tragicomedy | Franz Müller | 6

HC's wife leaves him and his longtime friend Wolfgang proposes a trip to his holiday home in Ireland with their mutual friend Nic. What sounded promising turns out to be a very mixed bag.


Deutschland/Schweiz 2016 | Drama | Michael Koch | 12

Michael Koch’s keenly observed and beautifully acted milieu study has the ructious and vulnerable Marija at the epicenter, whose dream of owning her own hair salon becomes a distant prospect when she loses her job as a hotel cleaning woman.

Stadt Anatol

D 1936 | Drama | Viktor Tourjansky

Sterne über uns

Deutschland 2019 | Drama | Christina Ebelt | 12

Homeless Melli is stringently working towards returning to the old security her and her son had. But the smallest misfortune, the tiniest deviation, could lead to a chain reaction that would cause her to lose everything.

Uns geht es gut

Deutschland 2015 | Drama | Henri Steinmetz | NEW RELEASE

Somewhere, sometime that might be today or not, Tubbie, Jojo, Birdie and Marie spend their days hanging out and doing nothing in particular.

Lost Ones

Verlorene | Deutschland 2018 | Drama | Felix Hassenfratz | 16

VERLORENE, which director Felix Hassenfratz describes as a “modern anti-Heimat film“ shows that sexual abuse takes place everywhere, also behind well-behaved, Christian, provincial facades.


Deutschland/Österreich/Bulgarien 2017 | Drama | Valeska Grisebach | 12

In Valeska Griesebach’s laconic “western”, the frontier lies in the east, in Bulgaria, and the cowboys are a troupe of taciturn construction workers who are meant to build a small hydro station in the summer heat.

Willkommen bei Habib

Deutschland 2013 | Drama | Michael Baumann

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