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Österreich/Luxemburg 2021 | Drama, Crime Drama | Stefan Ruzowitzky | 16

In 1920, former detective Perg and his troop return to Vienna from imprisonment after the lost war. The past catches up with Perg when a brutal series of murders kill his wartime friends. Digitally added backgrounds of slanted, falling city ...

Die Hölle – Inferno

Die Hölle – Inferno | Deutschland/Österreich 2017 | Thriller | Stefan Ruzowitzky | 16

DIE HÖLLE is a subdued genre film with serial killers, action, and offbeat characters. The setting is Vienna, the protagonists are aggressive cab driver and Thai boxer Özge and grumpy cop Steiner.

I'm Your Man

Ich bin dein Mensch | Deutschland 2021 | Comedy, Romance Films, Science Fiction | Maria Schrader | 12

Historian Alma is meant to spend three weeks with a robot who has been programmed to be her ideal partner using statistical data from millions of women and Alma‘s personal “mindfiles.“

Mädchen im Eis

Deutschland 2015 | Drama | Stefan Krohmer | 12

20-year-old Winja travels to a remote winter sports hotel at the Russian polar circle to find her lost love, Andrei – who is already there with his wife and children. Other obscure guests of the hotel are the Russian Oligarch Wsewolod Starych, the ...

Narcissus and Goldmund

Narziss und Goldmund | Deutschland 2020 | Drama, Literary Film Adaptations | Stefan Ruzowitzky | 12

An opulent adaptation of Hermann Hesse‘s novel set in the Middle Ages about two boys who meet each other in monastery school. Narziss wants to join the monastery while Goldmund wants to explore the world.

Schönefeld Boulevard

Deutschland 2013 | Tragicomedy | Sylke Enders | 12

A coming-of-age-film about the shy outsider Cindy, who hangs around the unfinished Berlin airport until she falls in love with the Finnish engineer Leif.


Deutschland/Österreich 2018 | Drama | Wolfgang Fischer | 12

Hobby sailor Rike sees an overcrowded refugee boat that is about to sink off the coast of Africa. The coastguard demands that Rike should stay away and promises to send help, but no rescue boats are coming.

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