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Africa: War is Business

Niederlande 2006 | Documentary | Frank Vellega

This documentary film exposes the system of moneymaking based on warfare in many parts of the world. It reveals the nature of a system that doesn’t stop at national borders, with UN resolutions or apparent peace.

Ich habe nie Heil Hitler gesagt – Gertrud Keen, ein deutsches Schicksal

Deutschland 1999 | Documentary | Vera Leiser

Janosch: Oh wie schön ist Panama!

Deutschland 2006 | Martin Otevrel | oA

One day the small bear and small tiger go on a journey searching for Panama, the country of their dreams. If you have a friend with you there is nothing to be afraid of!


Kurzfilmrolle | Short-film Programme

ca. 90 minutes short films and moderation starting at 10 P.M. evening discussion 10:30 P.M. – winner of the audience prize will be presented. Moderation: Martin Zint, Weltfriedensdienst e.V.

Mala Moskwa

Mala Moskwa | Polen 2009 | Drama | Waldemar Krzystek

The film is an impressive depiction of what Stalinism does to people.

Notre étrangère

Notre étrangère | Burkina Faso/Frankreich 2009 | Drama | Sarah Bouyain

The Peacemaker

The Peacemaker | USA 2013 | Action | Rain Rucker, Paul Bloomfield | 16

An entertaining and dynamic interaction between two individuals actively engaged in bringing about peace.

Vers un monde altruiste

Vers un monde altruiste? | Frankreich 2015 | Documentary | Sylvie Gilman, Thierry de Lestrade

Is it possible for positive character traits to be promoted in this day and age? Can you perhaps learn how to be selfless?

La tirisia

Mexiko 2014 | Drama, Familiy History, Historical Film | Jorge Perez Solano

A feeling of eternal sadness hangs over a remote region in Mexico, where men and women grieve. “Tirisia“ is the death of the spirit, it is life in standstill, one step before death.

W ciemnosci

W ciemnosci | Polen/Deutschland/Kanada 2011 | Drama, War Film | Agnieszka Holland | 12

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