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Body of Truth

Deutschland/Schweiz 2019 | Documentary | Evelyn Schels

Four artists that work with bodies: Marina Abramović, Shirin Neshat, Sigalit Landau, and Katharina Sieverding.

Guardians of the Earth

Deutschland/Österreich 2017 | Documentary | Filip Antoni Malinowski | oA

A documentary about climate change.


Deutschland 2016 | Documentary | Lutz Dammbeck | 12

Lutz Dammbeck’s film OVERGAMES follows a story German showmaster Joachim Fuchsberger tells: He claims that the first game shows were based on games which were developed in American psychiatric hospitals. Were game shows parts of an American ...

Die Prüfung

Deutschland 2016 | Documentary | Till Harms | oA

The documentary feature centers on the entrance examinations at the “Staatliche Schauspielschule Hannover”. The film focuses on the work of the nine examiners who have to judge hundreds of performances by aspiring actors.

Scala Adieu – Von Windeln verweht

Deutschland 2018 | Documentary | Douglas Wolfsperger | oA

The Scala Filmpalast in Constance was one of the last arthouse cinemas in the region and a city highlight. It was announced that it will close in 2016.

Sympathisanten – Unser Deutscher Herbst

Sympathisanten – Unser Deutscher Herbst | Deutschland 2017 | Documentary | Felix Moeller

In the late 70s middle-class left-wingers like Margarete von Trotta, Volker Schlöndorff, and Heinrich Böll were declared RAF “sympathizers“ by the press and politicians. Historian Felix Möller, Trotta‘s son and Schlöndorff‘s stepson, ...

La buena vida

La buena vida | Deutschland/ Schweiz/ Niederlande/ Kolumbien 2014 | Documentary | Jens Schanze | oA

El Cerrejón in northern Columbia is the largest pit coalmine in Latin America. Daily over 100,000 tons of coal are mined and shipped to Europe. The overexploitation threatens the surrounding nature and particularly the indigenous peoples, the ...

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