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Burg Schreckenstein

Deutschland 2016 | Family Film, Youth Film | Ralf Huettner | oA

An Oliver Hassencamp adaptation by Ralf Huettner with Henning Baum, Alexander Beyer, and Jana Pallaske.

Burg Schreckenstein 2 – Küssen (nicht) verboten!

Burg Schreckenstein 2 – Küssen (nicht) verboten! | Deutschland 2017 | Adventure, Comedy | Ralf Huettner | oA

A German children's film.

Im Niemandsland

Deutschland 2018 | Drama | Florian Aigner | 12

After the fall of the wall, before reunification. While the family fights over their dispossessed home in the GDR, teenagers Katja and Thorben get closer.


Deutschland 2014 | Drama | Andreas Pieper

Cem grew up in Berlin-Neukölln and defends his neighborhood against Nazis and speculators. When he gets into it with xenophobic Roman during a football match, Cem swears revenge - and the duel between the two escalates.

Petting Zoo

Deutschland/USA/Griechenland 2015 | Drama | Micah Magee | 12

San Antonio/Texas. 17-year-old Layla just got the letter confirming her college scholarship when she finds out she is pregnant. In her debut picture Micah Magee follows the path of her young heroine with compassion and an eye for detail.


Deutschland/Türkei 2014 | Drama | Kaan Müjdeci | 12

11-year-old Aslan nurses a wounded Kangal dog back to health. Sivas becomes his best friend, but in Aslan’s world Kangal dogs are used for one thing only: killing.

White Shadow

Deutschland/USA/Italien/Tansania 2013 | Drama | Noaz Deshe

The African boy Alias is albino and is persecuted because of his skin color. WHITE SHADOW is above all an escape story, an endless fight for survival and running away from danger and persecution, only broken by short moments of quiet where Alias can ...

Willkommen im Club

Willkommen im Club | Deutschland 2013 | Tragicomedy | Andreas Schimmelbusch

In a hotel in the middle of the night, the suicidal Kate falls in love with the concierge. As their relationship evolves, a journey through dreamlike situations and poetic dialogues begins.

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