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Dom zly

Dom zly | PL 2009 | Drama, Crime Drama, Thriller | Wojtek Smarzowski


Drogówka | PL 2013 | Crime Drama | Wojciech Smarzowski

"Traffic police" was a sleeper hit in Poland in 2013 and attracted over a million cinema-goers – much to the discomfort of the local traffic police.

Chce sie zyc: Life feels good

Chce sie zyc | Polen 2013 | Drama | Maciej Pieprzyca | 6

When the seriously handicapped Mateus is about seven-years-old, his doctor tells his parents that their son has such severe brain damage that he is “like a vegetable”. But this isn’t the case. Mateus is as lucid as his parents, the doctors and ...

Jestem morderca

Jestem morderca | PL 2016 | Drama, Crime Drama, Thriller | Maciej Pieprzyca

Male stluczki

Male stluczki | Polen 2014 | Drama | Aleksandra Gowin, Ireneusz Grzyb

Fsk-Kino is showing the airy summery film MALE STLUCZKI in September as part of the film series filmPOLSKA reloaded. Asia and Kasia clear the apartments of the deceased and search for useful things. They come in contact with happiness and suffering ...

Oskar Dawicki in The Performer

Performer | Polen 2015 | Drama | Maciej Sobieszczanski, Łukasz Ronduda

Pod Mocnym Aniolem

Pod Mocnym Aniolem | Polen 2014 | Drama | Wojciech Smarzowski


Wolyn | P 2016 | Drama, History, War Film | Wojciech Smarzowski

1939. In a small village in southern Poland Ukrainians, Poles, and Jews live together in harmony. Then the red army marches in all the animosity that was bubbling beneath the surface erupts into ugly violence.

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