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Men, Women & Children | USA 2014 | Drama, Comedy | Jason Reitman | 12

MEN, WOMEN & CHILDREN, a mellow, floating ensemble piece, portrays several parents and teenagers and their ways of using, abusing, controling or exploring the internet.

Baby Driver

USA/Großbritannien 2017 | Action, Music Films, Love-story | Edgar Wright | 16

Baby is the best getaway driver in the city. He always listens to music to drown out his tinnitus. He just has one more heist to pull off – then he’s free. An action musical from Edgar Wright (SHAUN OF THE DEAD).

The Goldfinch

The Goldfinch | USA 2019 | Drama, Literary Film Adaptations | John Crowley | 12

A boy is taken in by a rich family in the Upper East Side after his mother dies in a terrorist attack at MoMA.

The Fault in our Stars

The Fault in our Stars | USA 2014 | Drama | Josh Boone | 6

16-year-old Hazel has been living with thyroid cancer for three years. She meets Augustus at a cancer support group. They fall in love and decide to travel to Amsterdam together to seek out the author of Hazel's favourite book.

West Side Story

USA 2021 | Musical | Steven Spielberg | 12

Steven Spielberg re-adapts the Bernstein musical about forbidden love between two members of opposing New York street gangs.

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