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The Bloom of Yesterday

Die Blumen von gestern | Deutschland/Frankreich/Österreich 2016 | Drama, Comedy | Chris Kraus | 12

Historian Toto Blumen and his overstrung French intern Zazi work in the Central Office for the Investigation of National Socialist Crimes in Ludwigsburg. The two make up the most delightful screwball couple German cinema has had in years.

55 Steps

55 Steps | USA/Deutschland/Belgien 2017 | Biography, Drama | Bille August | 12

Mentally ill Eleanor Riese (Helena Bonham Carter) turns to a patient advocacy agency because she is prescribed high doses of neuroleptics against her will. Her lawyer Colette Hughes (Hilary Swank) fights for patient rights with her.

Die göttliche Ordnung

Schweiz 2017 | Drama, Sociological Film | Petra Volpe | 6

Switzerland, 1971. A vote for women’s suffrage is pending and a small group of brave women advance equality and fight against the resistance in their small village.


Deutschland 2021 | Comedy | Aron Lehmann | 12

Aron Lehman‘s womens' trip comedy is pretty crude and violent, THE HANGOVER and BRIDESMAIDS are definite relatives. But the chemistry is right: the three women are all wonderful and each of them has their own brand of physical comedy.

Best Birthday Ever

Best Birthday Ever | Deutschland/Niederlande/Schweden 2021 | Animation, Children's Film | Michael Ekbladh

Rocca verändert die Welt

Deutschland 2018 | Children's Film | Katja Benrath | oA

Smart and brave Rocca is only 11 yet she lives all alone in her house in Hamburg. Her teachers and the local authorities aren't okay with that at all.

Stille hjerte

Stille hjerte | Dänemark 2014 | Drama | Bille August | 12

Bille August’s drama shows the last weekend get-together of a family. Mother Esther has decided to take a lethal dose of drugs, before ALS stops her from administering it herself.


Deutschland 2019 | Comedy | Karoline Herfurth | 12

A German comedy about two women planning a robbery.


Deutschland 2010 | Drama, Sportfilm | Stefanie Sycholt | 12

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