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As We Were Dreaming

Als wir träumten | Deutschland 2015 | Drama | Andreas Dresen | 12

Adapted from the bestseller by Clemens Mayer, in AS WE WERE DREAMING Dresen tells the story of a group of young friends in Leipzig just after the fall of the Wall. The group of youth is driven by something between having fun with their newfound ...

Das andere Leben des Herrn Kreins

D 1990 | Drama | Andreas Dresen


Deutschland 2018 | Drama | Andreas Dresen | oA

The east German songwriter Gerhard “Gundi“ had a turbulent relationship to the GDR state as both an informer and a distruptive element. A biopic.

Halbe Treppe

D 2001 | Drama | Andreas Dresen | 12

Halt auf freier Strecke

D/F 2011 | Drama | Andreas Dresen | 6


Nachtgestalten | D 1998 | Drama, Metropolitan Movie | Andreas Dresen | 12

Sommer vorm Balkon

D 2005 | Metropolitan Movie | Andreas Dresen | 12

Friends Katrin and Nike live in an old apartment building in Berlin. Nike has a balcony and Katrin has a son. There is also Roland that drives a truck, Tina the waitress, and Oskar and Helene who are both old and alone.

Stilles Land

D 1992 | Satire | Andreas Dresen | oA

A smalltown theater goes about its business during the German reunification, a time of political upheaval. Young director Kai’s debut piece is “Waiting for Godot,“ of all things.

Timm Thaler oder das verkaufte Lachen

Deutschland 2017 | Adventure, Family Film | Andreas Dresen | oA

Timm Thaler is very poor but he loves to laugh. His smile is so charming that demonic baron Lefeut wants to own it. The richest man in the world makes Timm an immoral offer.

Whisky mit Wodka

D 2009 | Comedy | Andreas Dresen | 12

A German flm set on a film set.


D 2005 | Drama | Andreas Dresen | 12

Wolke Neun

Wolke Neun | D 2008 | Tragicomedy | Andreas Dresen | 12

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