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Juste la fin du monde

Juste la fin du monde | Kanada/Frankreich 2016 | Drama | Xavier Dolan | 12

Louis visits his family after 12 years of being absent to tell them he is terminally ill. His return opens a can of worms filled with years’ worth of resentment and repressed feelings.

Matthias et Maxime

Matthias et Maxime | Kanada 2019 | Drama | Xavier Dolan

Maxime wants to migrate to Australia for two years. His friend Matthias, with a job and a girlfriend, struggles with the goodbye more than expected. The new Dolan: quick dialogue, a boisterous party atmosphere, and a great soundtrack.


Kanada 2014 | Drama, Familiy History | Xavier Dolan | 12

Xavier Dolan’s new film about a hard-drinking and cussing single mother, her violent son and a traumatized teacher with a speech impediment who gives new hope to the family, is high-powered cinema, reminiscent of John Cassavetes films.

Tom at the Farm

Tom à la ferme | Kanada/Frankreich 2013 | Drama, Thriller | Xavier Dolan | 16

Tom visits a remote farm in the countryside to attend his lovers' funeral. He is threatend by his lovers' brother Francis, but out of some sadomasochistic inclination, stays on. Queer horror from film "wunderklind" Xavier Dolan.

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