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Avant l'hiver

Avant l'hiver | Frankreich 2013 | Drama | Philippe Claudel | 12

Paul (Daniel Auteuil), a neurosurgeon, is being followed by a young Moroccan waiter named Lou. He starts receiving anonymous bouquets of flowers. Philippe Claudel’s unconventional combination of thriller, marriage drama, and a critical picture of ...

Colonia Dignidad – Es gibt kein Zurück

Colonia | Deutschland / Luxemburg / Frankreich 2015 | Drama, Historical Film, Thriller | Florian Gallenberger | 16

On the outside „Colonia Dignidad“ in Chile was a deeply religious German community. Behind closed doors sect leader Paul Schäfer drugged and abused his disciples and ran a prison for the Pinochet regime. Florian Gallenberger uses the real story ...

Egon Schiele – Tod und Mädchen

Egon Schiele: Tod und Mädchen | Österreich/Luxemburg 2016 | Biography, Drama | Dieter Berner | 12

Dieter Berners biopic about Vienna modernist Egon Schiele paints the portrait of a rebellious generation of artists who wanted to break from stuffy conventions and authorities before WWI put a stop to it all.

Fritzi – Eine Wendewundergeschichte

Deutschland/ Luxemburg/ Belgien/ Tschechien 2019 | Adventure, Metropolitan Movie | Ralf Kukula, Matthias Bruhn | 6

FRITZI follows the adventures of a small girl from Leipzig when the GDR broke down.

Invisible Sue – Plötzlich unsichtbar

Deutschland/Luxemburg 2018 | Children's Film | Markus Dietrich | 6

12-year-old Sue becomes invisible when she holds hot things in her hand due to her mother‘s experiment which went wrong. It is pretty cool, but evil pursuers are on her trail.

Mission Ulja Funk

Deutschland/Luxemburg/Polen 2021 | Adventure, Family Film | Barbara Kronenberg

Tel-Aviv On Fire

Tel-Aviv On Fire | Luxemburg/Belgien/Israel/Frankreich 2018 | Comedy | Sameh Zoabi | 6

Arab soap opera “Tel Aviv on Fire“ in which a Palestinian spy falls in love with an Israeli general is popular on both sides of the border. This is a problem for Salam, who is suddenly given responsibility for the show and is hassled by fans ...

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