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Einmal Hans mit scharfer Soße

Deutschland 2014 | Comedy | Buket Alakus | 6

Ismael has lived a long time in Salzgitter, yet he holds on tightly to Anatolian traditions: First, his eldest daughter has to get married, then Fatma is allowed to marry. But Fatma is pregnant so her older sister Hatice has to hurry up and find ...

Tehran Taboo

Deutschland / Österreich 2017 | Animation, Sociological Film, Metropolitan Movie | Ali Soozandeh | 16

TEHRAN TABOO, which was filmed with rotoscoped images in order to protect the cast, is about the lives of young people living in Tehran whose private lives are in conflict with the system.

Vergrabene Stimmen

Deutschland 2014 | Drama | Numan Acar

Part gangster film, part social drama, VERGRABENE STIMMEN shows the dark parallel world of Kreuzberg away from the flow of tourists.

Defender Of the Faith

Verteidiger des Glaubens | Deutschland/Italien 2019 | Documentary | Christoph Röhl | oA

A documentary about the second Pope to have ever stepped down, Joseph Ratzinger, and the lengths the church went to to cover up instances of child abuse by clerics.

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