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12 jours

12 jours | Frankreich 2017 | Documentary | Raymond Depardon

12 days – that is the period in which a psychiatric patient must get a court hearing after a involuntary hospitalization in France. Photographer and director Raymon Depardon documented 10 cases.

American Pastoral

American Pastoral | USA 2016 | Drama, Crime Drama | Ewan Mcgregor | 12

Ewan McGregor adapted the 400 page Philip Roth novel AMERICAN PASTORAL in his directing debut. A decent citizen is thrown off his life course when his daughter bombs a local post office and disappears in 1968.

The Danish Girl

USA/Großbritannien 2015 | Drama | Tom Hooper | 6

Tom Hooper’s (THE KING’S SPEECH) lavish reimagining of the life of Lili Elbe, one of the first transsexuals ever to undergo sex reassignment surgery.

Die Florence Foster Jenkins Stories

Großbritannien 2016 | Stephen Frears

Florence Foster Jenkins, the "world's worst singer," was a promising piano player in her youth but lost her musical ability due to a Syphilis related illness. Stephen Frears tells her life story as a feminist tragicomedy.


Eiffel | Frankreich 2021 | Drama, Biography, Romance Films | Martin Bourboulon | 6

Every Thing Will Be Fine

Deutschland/ Kanada/ Schweden/ Frankreich/ Norwegen 2015 | Drama | Wim Wenders | 6

Tomas, a reclusive writer, kills a little boy in an accident. He experiences a heavy crisis, and his relationship falls apart. The boy's mother helps him overcome his self-doubt. Wim Wender's wonderful film deals with the aftermath of a catastrophic ...

The French Dispatch

USA/Deutschland 2020 | Comedy | Wes Anderson | 12

In his most recent film Wes Anderson tells stories about the last edition of an imaginary American magazine in an imaginary French town.

The Imitation Game

USA/Großbritannien 2014 | Biography, Drama, Thriller | Morten Tyldum | 12

During World War II, the English mathematician Alan Turing tries to crack the German enigma code for the British Secret Service with help from fellow mathematicians.

An Officer And A Spy

J'accuse | Frankreich/Italien 2019 | Drama, Historical Film | Roman Polanski | 12

Roman Polanski‘s new, controversial film is about the antisemitic Dreyfus affair of 1894. The original title of the film was J’ACCUSE, based on Emile Zola‘s famous article in which he accused the military court of convicting Dreyfus without ...

Isle of Dogs

Isle of Dogs | USA 2018 | Animation, Adventure, Comedy | Wes Anderson | 6

Wes Anderson‘s animated film is set on a Trash Island near the imaginary Japanese city Megasaki. The mayor has banned all dogs from the city and all the canines lead a miserable existence until 12 year old Atari looks for his dog Spot on the ...


L'Odyssée | Frankreich 2016 | Adventure, Biography | Jérôme Salle | 6

Jérôme Salle gives nature documentarian and difficult character Jacques-Yves Cousteau the biopic treatment from the perspective of Philippe, his estranged son.

Alone in Berlin

Alone in Berlin | Deutschland/ Frankreich/ Großbritannien 2016 | Biography, Drama, Historical Film | Vincent Perez | 12

An adaptation of the novel with the same title by Hans Fallada. Berlin 1940: When his only son dies in the war, Otto Quangel begins his personal campaign against Hitlerism. He encounters friends, foes, and collaborators in his tenement block.


Belgien/Luxemburg 2018 | Drama, Historical Film | Thomas Vinterberg | 12

Thomas Vinterberg (THE HUNT) made a film about Russian submarine “Kursk“ that was damaged in a maneuver in 2000 and sank to the seabed with 118 crew members.

Heal the Living

Réparer les vivants | Frankreich/Belgien 2016 | Drama, Literary Film Adaptations | Katell Quillévéré | 12

A young man gets irreparable brain damage after a car accident. A musician is waiting for a donor heart. The story of a transplant.

The Light Between Oceans

USA/Großbritannien/Neuseeland 2016 | Drama, Love-story | Derek Cianfrance | 12

A remote island in western Australia in the early 1920s. Lighthouse keeper Tom Sherbourne and his wife Isabel find a washed up rowing boat with a man’s corpse and a newborn.

Little Women

USA 2019 | Drama, Literary Film Adaptations | Greta Gerwig | oA

Greta Gerwig's adaptation of the 1868 novel by Louisa May Alcott. The four March sisters are moving from childhood to adulthood, briefly stuck in a transitory state as "little women".

Il racconto dei racconti: Tale of Tales

Il racconto dei racconti | Frankreich/Italien/Großbritannien 2015 | Fantasy, Love-story | Matteo Garrone | 12

Based on the world’s oldest collection of fairytales, the Pentameron or Tale of Tales by Giambattista Basile Matteo Garrone tells a flamboyant story, involving kings and queens, monsters and ogres and a heathy dose of passion, violence and magic.

Based on a true story

D'après une histoire vraie | Frankreich/Polen 2017 | Thriller | Roman Polanski

At a book signing of her new novel successful author Dephine Dayrieux meets a charming, confident woman who calls herself “Elle“ and is her “biggest fan.“ It‘s the beginning of a friendship in which Elle keeps invading more and more of ...

The Secret Life of Pets 2

The Secret Life of Pets 2 | USA 2019 | Animation, Comedy, Tierfilm | Chris Renaud | oA

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

USA 2016 | Adventure, Action, Science Fiction | Gareth Edwards | 12

The Shape of Water

Shape of Water | USA 2017 | Fantasy, Love-story, Modern Fairytale | Guillermo del Toro | 16

Sally Hawkins saves the “Creature from the Black Lagoon” in Guillermo del Toro’s nostalgic Cannes-winner.

The Sisters Brothers

USA/Frankreich/Rumänien/Spanien 2018 | Drama, Western | Jacques Audiard | 12

The Sisters Brothers are ruthless assassins. They are meant to get a secret formula from a gold prospector that will simplify the digging of gold and then murder the man, but the prospector has used his charm and friendliness to befriend one of them.


USA 2017 | Crime Comedy, Mystery | George Clooney | 16

SUBURBICON tells the story of the disintegration of a model family and a model suburb in 1950s America from the prespective of a young boy. The screenplay is written by the Coen brothers and the film is directed by Goerge Clooney.


Großbritannien 2015 | Drama, Historical Film | Sarah Gavron | 12

SUFFRAGETTE follows the trajectory of Maud Watts (Carey Mulligan), a laundry worker and young mother, who turns from interested bystander into a committed suffragette standing at the side of bomb-laying Edith Ellyn (Helena Bonham-Carter).


USA 2014 | Action, Drama, Sportfilm | Angelina Jolie | 12 | NEW RELEASE

After a near-fatal plane crash in WWII, Olympian Louis Zamperini spends a harrowing 47 days in a raft with two fellow crewmen before he's caught by the Japanese navy and sent to a prisoner-of-war camp.

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