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A Regular Woman

Release Date 09.05.2019 On February 23rd 2005, 23-year old German-Kurdish Berliner Hatun Aynur Sürücü was shot by her brother. Sherry Hormann‘s feature film tells her story. read more

A Special Need

Release Date 11.12.2014 In this singular documentary feature director Carlo Zoratti and his friends Alex Nazzi and Enea Gabino go on a journey through Europe. Their initial goal is to find a girl for Enea, who has autism, but eventually they discover that Enea's true needs ... read more


Release Date 23.05.2019 Turning animation into reality through extensive CGI, the new ALADDIN offers all the pleasures of the Golden Age of film-musicals while slightly updating Princess Jasmine's motivations. read more


Release Date 03.10.2019 The Japanese “women of the sea“ dive into the depths of the Pacific Ocean to collect mussels and other ocean treasures, without oxygen or any other aids. A documentary read more

Aren't you happy?

Release Date 27.06.2019 Scathing satire behind a cute façade read more

At Eternity's Gate

Release Date 18.04.2019 The best film about Van Gogh since Maurice Pialat‘s VAN GOGH (1991) and Robert Altman‘s VINCENT AND THEO (1990) depicts the artist as a pioneer of gestural painting and a forerunner of expressionist abstraction. read more

At War

Release Date 25.04.2019 Pay cuts in return for jobs, that was the deal. Now the factory is meant to shut down. read more


B-Movie: Lust & Sound in West-Berlin

Release Date 21.05.2015 A fast paced montage of TV-features, videos and Super-8-films, B-MOVIE tells the story of one of the most exciting periods of the West-Berlin music scene, from the perspective of Mark Reeder, an Englishman from Manchester, who moved to Berlin in ... read more

Barstow, California

Release Date 03.10.2019 A desert-dry meditation on freedom, captivity, and memory. read more

Becoming Animal

Release Date 29.08.2019 A visual meditation on humanity’s place in the natural world. read more

Becoming Astrid

Release Date 06.12.2018 Before Astrid Lindgren became the most famous children‘s author in the world, she spent many tough years as a working mother of an illegitimate child. read more

Before We Grow Old

Release Date 19.09.2019 During one summer in Berlin, Maria, Niels, and Chloë become a loving throuple. Then Chloë gets pregnant and their lifestyles and utopias are called into question. read more

Berlin – Ecke Schönhauser

Berlin Bouncer

Release Date 11.04.2019 A former East German punk and photographer with face tattoos and piercings. An African-American former GI. A West German school dropout. They all slid into the nightlife of this city somehow and got stuck there. read more

Berlin Four Lovers

Release Date 24.10.2019 BERLIN 4 LOVERS portrays the love lives of seven young men and women in the environment they feel comfortable in and the radical changes in dating behavior caused by the Tinder-App. read more

Berlin Round the Corner


Release Date 18.05.2017 Andres Veiel (BLACKBOX BRD) watched 400 hours of video, 300 hours of audio material, and looked at 20,000 photos for his very current collage of conceptual artist Joseph Beuys. read more


Release Date 23.08.2018 BLACKKKLANSMAN tells the (true) story of black police detective Ron Stallworth who pretended to be a white racist on the phone and entered the most inner circle of the Ku Klux Klan in the 70s. read more

Blinded by the Light

Release Date 22.08.2019 read more

Bohemian Rhapsody

Release Date 31.10.2018 BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY tells the story of Farrokh Bulsara aka Freddie Mercury against the backdrop of the band Queen. read more

Born in '45

Boy Erased

Release Date 21.02.2019 Jared is raised in a caring home, but after telling his father, baptist preacher Marshall (Russell Crowe), about an incident in college, he puts him in the “Love in Action“ program that is meant to drive out his homosexuality. read more


Release Date 06.06.2019 Lee Chang-dong has made a feature-length film based on a Murakami short story that is as clear and empathetic as Murakami‘s distinctive writing style while juggling uncertainties just as elegantly. read more


Carmine Street Guitars

Release Date 29.08.2019 A heartfelt tribute to music, craftsmanship, and a vanishing New York. read more

Cat Video Fest 2019

Cat videos: now also in your cinema read more


Release Date 25.07.2019 Erik Schmitt‘s first feature-length film is a playful, partially animated, lively homage to Berlin and a red-headed young woman named Cleo who is on a scavenger hunt. read more

Climate Warriors – Der Kampf um die Zukunft unseres Planeten

Release Date 06.12.2018 A documentary about "climate warriors" in Germany and the US. read more

Cold War

Release Date 22.11.2018 Poland, the 1950s. Educated professional Wiktor and working-class Zula meet due to the music group Mazurek. They begin a passionate love story that starts off in communist Poland, moves to the West, and goes back to Poland again. read more


Release Date 03.01.2019 A lively and opulent biopic about the first wild years of notorious French author Colette (Sidonie-Gabrielle Claudine Colette, 1873-1954). read more

Colorless Dreams


Das Ende der Wahrheit

Release Date 09.05.2019 A shooting in an Arab pub is the starting point of this secret service thriller, in which a federal intelligence agent (Roland Zehrfeld) is dragged into a mire of conflicting interests. read more

Das schweigende Klassenzimmer

Release Date 01.03.2018 In 1956 a 12 grade class in the GDR has a minute of silence for the demonstrators who were killed during the Hungarian Uprising. The spontaneous act has unforeseen consequences. read more


Release Date 03.10.2019 Cultures clash in the Kleingärten of the former East read more

Deckname Jenny

Release Date 19.04.2018 A young woman, “Code Name Jenny,“ joins a militant, autonomous group that is planning two attacks. When the operation is about to fail, “Jenny‘s“ father, who used to be active in a revolutionary cell, takes over. read more

Der Boden unter den Füßen

Release Date 16.05.2019 Lola is a business consultant. When others go home, she continues working. She prefers smooth surfaces and expensive clothes over confronting her sister Conny, who is being looked after in a closed psychiatric ward in her home in Vienna. read more

Die Einzelteile der Liebe

Release Date 22.08.2019 Miriam Bliese tells the story of a patchwork family falling in and out of love with a lot of time jumps in which the decisive moments only become clear in hindsight. read more

Don't Blink – Robert Frank

Release Date 13.04.2017 DON’T BLINK about “The Americans“ photographer Robert Frank isn’t a neat, chronological documentary but more an investigation into what goes into Robert Frank’s artistic process which includes wanderings and reacting to spontaneous ... read more


Release Date 30.08.2018 Johanna Sunder-Plassman and Tama Tobias-Macht portray four men with no permanent residences. read more

Dykes, Camera, Action!



Release Date 23.05.2019 Edie Moore took care of her paralyzed husband for 30 years. When he dies, the octogenarian continues with her daily routine – until an old postcard falls into her lap and she remembers an old dream of hers. read more

El club

Release Date 05.11.2015 At the edge of the sea stands a house. Four men live there with a slightly younger woman who seems to take care of them. It’s an odd community slowly revealing its dark secret: all inhabitants are criminal priests who have escaped prosecution but ... read more


Release Date 22.08.2019 After the zombie apocalypse. Eva has no scruples when it comes to surviving. Vivi, on the other hand, is afraid and depressed. Together they have to fend for themselves in no man‘s land. read more


Familie Brasch

Release Date 16.08.2018 Father Horst Brasch was the founder of the Free German Youth and a SED official, children Thomas, Klaus, Peter, and Marion are all artists, writers, actors, and novelists. Annekathrin Hendel‘s documentary reviews the family‘s history between ... read more


Release Date 05.10.2017 Singer Félicité experiences a personal tragedy when her son is severely injured in an accident. She tries to raise enough money to pay for his necessary operation. Alain Gomis’ intoxicating, poetic film is about the dialectic between fighting ... read more

Fisherman's Friends

Release Date 08.08.2019 Danny gets tasked with signing the Shanty Choir from Port Isaac to a record label. When he realizes that this was a joke, he is already knee deep in the small town‘s network of relationships. read more

Five Fingers for Marseilles

Release Date 27.06.2019 Good meets evil in this atmospheric Western set in modern-day South Africa. read more

Frau Stern

Release Date 29.08.2019 Mrs. Stern survived a concentration camp, but she doesn‘t want to live anymore at age 90. No one wants to sell her a weapon. A Berlin black comedy for which Ahuda Sommerfeld won the Max Öphuls Prize for Best Actress. read more

Free Solo

Release Date 21.03.2019 Part intimate portrait, part breath-taking extreme sport thriller, FREE SOLO follows climber Alex Honnold in his ascent of the 1000 m high El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. Alex is climbing it “free solo“ - all in one go with ... read more

From Dusk Till Dawn



Release Date 24.04.2014 Martin and Gabrielle both suffer from Williams Syndrome and meet and fall in love at a choir practice. They have to defend their relationship in a society that denies love and sexual experience to those who are “different.” read more

Gemini Man

Release Date 03.10.2019 Aging hitman Henry Brogan (Will Smith) finds himself under fire from a younger assassin who turns out to be his younger clone.


Release Date 17.10.2019 Bon Joon-ho‘s Cannes winner PARASITE is a film about the bourgeoisie‘s worst nightmare. Working-class family Kim seem to be merged with trash, but they creep into the life of beauty, goodness, and cultivated elegance that the Park family is ... read more

Gloria Bell

Release Date 22.08.2019 GLORIA (Julianne Moore) is in her mid-fifties and divorced for 12 years with two almost adult children. She tries to confront the loneliness that is slowly creeping into her life. read more

Golden Twenties

Release Date 29.08.2019 Ava moves back in with her mother and her new boyfriend after university. Since she can‘t find a job, she interns at a theater where she meets actor Jonas. read more

Green Book

Release Date 31.01.2019 In 1962 African-American pianist Dr. Don Shirley needs a driver to accompany him on a risky tour in the South and hires Italian-American bouncer Tony Lip for the job. read more


Release Date 16.05.2019 Isabelle Huppert places a mysterious piano teacher who puts young people under her spell. read more


Hedi Schneider steckt fest

Release Date 07.05.2015 Hedi Schneider dresses a bit too brash; she talks a bit too much; she talks to herself while typing at work. Hedi Schneider is happy – until she starts to suffer from panic attacks and falls into a depression. Sonja Heiss manages a small miracle ... read more

Heimat ist ein Raum aus Zeit

Release Date 26.09.2019 Thomas Heise traces the lives of his family members over four generations in personal documents, black and white photos, and the places mentioned there. read more


Ich war zuhause, aber...

Release Date 15.08.2019 Angela Schanelec‘s film ICH WAR ZUHAUSE, ABER… is a film about carrying on after a catastrophe. read more

If Beale Street could talk

Release Date 07.03.2019 IF BEALE STREET COULD TALK is a 2018 American romantic drama film directed and written by Barry Jenkins, based on James Baldwin's novel of the same name. read more

In the aisles

Release Date 24.05.2018 Love in a wholesale market microcosm: silent Christian starts a new job in the warehouse. His colleague Bruno shows him how to drive a forklift. Marion seems to like him, but she‘s married. read more

In the Fade

Release Date 23.11.2017 Fatih Akin tells the story of a Nazi terrorist attack from the vantage point of a woman who is about to lose her son and husband. Diane Kruger won the Silver Palm for best actress at this year's Cannes festival. read more

In Zeiten des abnehmenden Lichts

Release Date 01.06.2017 The film, based on Eugen Ruge’s novel, is set in the fall of 1989. Relatives, friends, and comrades all come to celebrate the 90th birthday of the incorrigible, Stalinist functionary Wilhelm Powileit, but one person is missing: his nephew Sasha, ... read more



Release Date 10.10.2019 THE KILLING JOKE meets TAXI DRIVER and KING OF COMEDY. Probably. read more


Kamikaze 1989

A dystopian sci-fi film directed by Wolf Gremm. read more

Knife + Heart

Release Date 18.07.2019 1979: theres a murderer in the Parisian gay scene. The killer is targeting the cast of director Anna‘s (Vanessa Paradis) new porn film. When the police don‘t take action, Anne investigates herself. read more


Release Date 11.07.2019 Thomas Vinterberg (THE HUNT) made a film about Russian submarine “Kursk“ that was damaged in a maneuver in 2000 and sank to the seabed with 118 crew members. read more


La Flor (Part 3)

La gatta Cenerentola

Release Date 27.09.2018 A wild blend of fairy tale and giallo, watercolors and CGI graphics, futurism and retro musical. read more

Late Night

Release Date 29.08.2019 Young writer Molly Patel (Mindy Kaling) has to save Katherin Newbury‘s (Emma Thompson) late night show from getting cancelled. read more

Little Monsters

Release Date 29.08.2019 read more

Love Movie

Release Date 02.05.2019 Lenz is a slacker and Ira is, too, or so Lenz thought. But then Ira starts talking about having children. Lenz splits. read more


Ma vie de courgette

Release Date 16.02.2017 Icare, nicknamed ‘Courgette‘, has to live in a home after accidentally killing his mother. The other children there come from similarly difficult families and he soon makes friends. Brave Camille especially catches his eye. The sweetest film ... read more

Mantra – Sounds Into Silence

Release Date 07.06.2018 More and more people are discovering “chanting“ or singing meditation. Goergia Wyss visited the followers and artists and filmed a euphoric and uncritical documentary about the movement. read more


Release Date 05.09.2019 In Asif Kapadia‘s film about Diego Maradona, he focuses on his time in SC Neapel, the most spectacular era of Maradona‘s career. read more

Matangi / Maya / M.I.A.

Release Date 22.11.2018 The portrait of the singer who grew up in Sri Lanka and London is both a pop-documentary and a political documentary. read more

Memory Games

Release Date 03.10.2019 MEMORY GAMES depicts four memory athletes as they prepare for the world championship in Indonesia. Their secret is the “memory palace,“ a method that connects the stored information to visual and emotional stimuli. read more


Release Date 06.09.2018 MENASHE is based on the life of Hassidic stand up comedian Menashe Lustig. After the death of his wife, Hassidic Jew Menashe would like to raise his son on his own but that isn‘t allowed and everything else that Menashe touches goes wrong as ... read more

Metti la nonna in freezer

Release Date 04.07.2019 Italian black comedy that manages a mostly sunny outlook. read more


Release Date 26.09.2019 A group of college students travel to Northern Sweden in order to study a pagan community. Ari Aster boils down high-culture cult motifs into ornaments, fun, and shock effects. read more

Mission Lifeline

Release Date 23.05.2019 While Pegida and the AfD in Germany incite hatred against refugees, “Lifeline“ tries to save the shipwrecked in the Mediterranean from drowning. read more

Monty Python's Life of Brian

Morvern Callar

Mother, I Am Suffocating. This Is My Last Film About You.


Release Date 25.02.2016 When their grandmother hears that they have been fooling around with boys, her five teenage granddaughters are forthwith forbidden to go to school, have to remain indoors and are married off as soon as possible. The youngest, Lale, begins to plan ... read more



Release Date 03.10.2019 The documentary shows daily situations and rituals of ultimate (hetero-)normativity without added commentary. read more

Nothing like a dame

Release Date 25.04.2019 Four elderly actresses drink tea and chat. Roger Michell’s film is a gentle, though unsentimental group portrait of Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Joan Plowright, and Eileen Aitkens. read more


On the Basis of Sex

Release Date 07.03.2019 Mimi Leder‘s biopic is about Ruth Bader Ginsberg‘s beginnings – her studies, her job as a professor, and the precedent case in which she enforced gender equality before the law for the first time. read more

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Release Date 15.08.2019 Though the Manson murders serve as the hook – Tarantino‘s ONCE UPON A TIME...IN HOLLYWOOD is less about Charles Manson, Sharon Tate, and Roman Polanski and more about the myth of Hollywood. read more

Out of Place


Playland USA

Release Date 26.09.2019 The essay film by Benjamin Schindler and Jan Wilde sees the US as a country in which reality and illusion is becoming less and less distinguishable. read more

Plug & Pray


Release Date 29.08.2019 19-year-old pianist David is accepted to a music academy and is on the verge of something great, but the pressure he puts on himself keeps getting bigger. read more


Release Date 06.06.2019 PUSH follows Leilani Farha, UN Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing on her travels and explains how global finance is the root cause of exploding rents in cities all over the globe. read more


Rambo V: Last Blood

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Rambo No. 5.


Ray & Liz

Release Date 09.05.2019 Photographer Richard Billingham’s directorial debut is a starkly brutal yet beautiful memoir. read more

Ready Or Not

A young bride gets to play a deadly game of Hide and Seek with her new family. read more

Red Joan

Release Date 04.07.2019 85-year old Joan Stanley (Judi Dench) enjoys retirement in a peaceful London suburb when the MI5 knocks on her door. It turns out, the old lady used to work as a spy for Russia. Based on the real life story of Melita Norwood. read more


Release Date 30.05.2019 The ultimate Elton John musical: prioritizing energy and fun over historical accuracy. ROCKETMAN gaily races through the life of Elton John from his youth until 1983. read more



Release Date 12.09.2019 15 year old Elisa and her seemingly ice-cold new friend Anthea secretly shoot embarrassing videos of their classmates and post them online – as revenge on those who did the same to them. read more

Shorts Attack!

Shorts Attack! A Berlin organized thematic short film programme. In August: 9 Films in 85 Minutes. read more


Release Date 03.10.2019 Jamie Bell plays skinhead Bryon Widner who was raised to become the crown prince of Nazi terrorist group “Vinlanders Social Club“ by a backwoods neo-Nazi couple before leaving the scene with the help of Black activist Daryle Jenkins. read more

Sneak Preview

What's on the screen? We won't tell.

Stan & Ollie

Release Date 09.05.2019 When Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy embark on a theater tour across Britain in 1953, their glory days seem to be behind them and their artistic relationship is also strained. read more


Release Date 05.09.2019 Cryptic, associative, fast-paced, physical, and generally extreme: young Israeli Yoav (Tom Mercier) tries to shed his cultural identity and become French in Paris. The 2019 Golden Bear winner. read more

System Crasher

Release Date 19.09.2019 9 year old Benni has been kicked out of every foster home. Anger management trainer Micha tries to help Benni with a lot of personal investment, but he begins to lose his professional distance. read more


Talking About Trees


Release Date 23.07.2015 Iranian director Jafar Panahi is banned from his profession for 20 years and cannot leave the country. He made his newest film, Berlinale winner TAXI TEHERAN as a taxi driver, with a dashboard camera. TAXI TEHERAN is an ode to the people of Teheran ... read more

Terminator 2 – Judgment Day

Release Date 29.08.2017

The Artist & The Pervert

Release Date 30.05.2019 read more

The Biggest Little Farm

Release Date 11.07.2019 A couple wishes to do their bit for a better global future by starting an organic farm in California. They have a rocky road ahead. read more

The Children Act

Release Date 30.08.2018 Emma Thompson plays a family court judge whose private life is in shambles and loses her professional distance because of it. An adaptation of the novel “The Children Act“ by Ian McEwan. read more

The Dead Don't Die

Release Date 13.06.2019 Even though the name of the US president isn‘t mentioned, demagogue Trump, his followers, and the insidious decay of values and moral inevitably come to mind in Jarmusch‘s meta zombie film. read more

The Divided Heaven

The Etruscan Smile

Release Date 12.04.2018 Arthur Cohn’s adaptation of the Spanish bestselling novel transports the story about a grumpy old guy finds unexpected joy in spending time with his small grandson from Milano to San Francisco. read more

The Favourite

Release Date 24.01.2019 No one has filmed malice, lies, deception as wonderfully as Yorgos Lanthimos has in THE FAVOURITE in a long time. read more

The Forbidden Room

Release Date 07.04.2016 In THE FORBIDDEN ROOM Guy Maddin, the great Canadian magician of surreal cinema, resurrects lost and forgotten storylines and compiles them making a meandering, wild and hypnotic cinematic trip. read more

The Golden Glove

Release Date 21.02.2019 A film about Fritz Honka, a Hamburg serial killer who kills women at the fringes of post-war society. read more

The Laundromat

Panama Papers: The Film read more

The Lion King

Release Date 18.07.2019

The Matrix

Hacker Neo finds out that his life is a complex illusion and part of the “Matrix.“ Awakened, Neo joins a rebel group to fight the machines controlling it. But this battle can only be fought inside the Matrix. With kung-fu and lots of guns. read more

The New Babylon

The Old Man & The Gun

Release Date 28.03.2019 Forrest Tucker (Robert Redford) is a friendly older gentlemen with an unusual hobby: he likes to rob banks. He isn‘t doing it to supplement his pension. It‘s all about the thrill, the feeling of being alive. read more

The Operative

Release Date 29.08.2019 One day Rachel, a missing spy for the Mossad, reports back. A story of a woman who was deployed in increasingly more reckless ways for unknown purposes unfolds in her supervisor‘s report to his superior. read more

The Rider

Release Date 21.06.2018 Lakota cowboy Brady isn‘t actually allowed to ride anymore after a head injury which he got while doing rodeo, but there‘s no other life for him. In Chloe Zhao‘s moving and enchanting film, Brady and his family play a fictional version of ... read more

The Rope

The Whale and the Raven

Release Date 05.09.2019 Hermann Meuter and Janie Wray record whale activities in order to use this scientific data to support the battle of the indigenous population of British Columbia against a planned liquid gas project. read more

The White Crow

Release Date 26.09.2019 Ballet dancer Rudolf Nurejew decides to seek political asylum in Paris in June 1961. A cat and mouse game with the Soviet secret service begins. read more

The Wife

Release Date 03.01.2019 Glenn Close plays Joan, the wife of author Joe Castelman, who has just found out that he received the literary Nobel Prize. On the way to the award ceremony Joan‘s longstanding suppressed feelings and repressed memories erupt. read more

They Shall Not Grow Old

Release Date 27.06.2019 read more

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Release Date 25.01.2018 In the fictional town of Ebbing, Mildred Hayes (Frances McDormand) posts sentences on three billboards meant to bring the resting investigation of her daugher‘s rape and murder back into motion. read more

Three From Hell

A sequel to HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES starring the homicidal Firefly family. read more


Release Date 20.06.2019 Dome Karukoski‘s biopic of intellectual and language lover Tolkien focuses on his early biography – the orphan‘s school days and Tolkien‘s experience in World War I. read more


Über Leben in Demmin

Release Date 22.03.2018 Hundreds of Demmin residents killed themselves in 1945 due to their fear of the Russians. The topic could not be discussed in the GDR, today it is used as propaganda by fascists. read more

Und der Zukunft zugewandt

Release Date 05.09.2019 Three women who migrated to Moscow in the 30s return to the GDR in 1952 where they‘re welcomed with open arms. They just can‘t talk about being in labor camps during the Stalinist cleansings. read more


Viceroy's House

Release Date 10.08.2017 A dramatic love story frames Gurinder Chadha’s historical film about the last days of British rule in India. Young Hindu Jeet Kumar meets his great love again when he begins working for the last viceroy, but Aalia Noor is Muslim and already ... read more

Victoria & Abdul

Release Date 28.09.2017 Stephen Frears (THE QUEEN) has made an amusing historical drama about the historically verified friendship between Queen Victoria and her Indian servant Abdul Karim. read more

Visages, Villages

Release Date 31.05.2018 90-year-old avant garde filmmaker Agnès Varda went on a road trip across the French province with street art artist JR and made art events in cooperation with the residents. read more

Vox Lux

Release Date 25.07.2019 High schooler Celeste (Raffey Cassidy) is heavily injured during a massacre at her school. She becomes a popstar after she sings during a memorial day. Years later Celeste (Natalie Portman) battles alcohol, drugs, and the hostile press. Music by ... read more


We Need to Talk About Kevin

Why Are We Creative?

Release Date 04.10.2018 Hermann Vaske asked celebrities like Marina Abramovic, David Bowie, Mel Gibson, Neo Rauch, Angelina Jolie, Nelson Mandela, and Bono where their creativity actually comes from. read more

Wings of Desire

Release Date 12.04.2018 Otto Sander and Brunco Ganz as angels watching over Berlin. Wim Wender‘s poetic film is also a historic document of the city before the fall of the Wall. read more



Release Date 11.07.2019 After a worlwide blackout nobody on Earth remembers the Beatles anymore - except failing musician Jack Malik. read more

You Were Never Really Here

Release Date 26.04.2018 Former soldier Joe (Joaquin Phoenix) has a life filled with trauma behind him. His flashbacks and suicidal plans are kept in check with pills and he uses his violent impulses to become an expert in freeing kidnapped girls. read more


Zwischen uns die Mauer

Release Date 03.10.2019 An East-West teen love story set shortly before the fall of the Berlin Wall. read more

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