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Women's Stories


Breasts by Eva Contis / USA – 2018 – Short / Raising a child on her own, Faryl doesn’t miss a beat. She balances the status quo of working and parenting, her days revolving around her swelling breasts that she must empty every few hours. When a male co-worker nags her about her breaks, a tired and frustrated Faryl explains to him that she must “pump her breasts”. When this innocent comment makes its way back to her boss, Faryl is not only slapped with a sexual harassment complaint, but her ability to pump at work is hampered, forcing her to wean her child prematurely and unsafely. //

Maman Soori's Case by Hossein Hejrati / Iran - 2016 – Short / Maman Soori, a lonely elderly woman, makes her living by cooking homemade food for a few customers who order through 'Mamanpaz' website. One day her food got too salty and she lost her job over bad customers reviews. A director decided to make a film about this case by talking some of the customers and illustrating the consequences of their decisions. //

Whales by Nora Jaenicke / Italy - 2018 - Short Fiction / Margot and her estranged sister Louise spend a week at their recently deceased mother's house on an Italian Island. There are mysterious circumstances surrounding Louise being sent away at a very young age, which make it difficult for Margot to remember...Separated by the passing of time and different upbringings the two women unexpectedly find their lives linked back together by the forces and remembrance and forgiveness. //
An Autobiography by Mari Mantela / Finland - 2017 – Short / Anja is a woman who knows everything about cars but nothing of herself.

Il Kino


Genre: Kurzfilm-Programm

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