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This Is Not A Lesbian Panel & Shorts Program


Every year the Pornfilmfestival Berlin curates a series of short films programs that include over 100 films. The categories of these programs aim to aid a diverse audience navigate the festival, so as to find their likings, discover new realms and challenge preconceived ideas of what porn can look and feel like in a cinema. Some of the established and every year recurring categories are the "Gay Porn Shorts", "Female Porn Shorts", "Lesbian Porn Shorts", "Sex Work Porn Shorts" and "Berlin Porn Shorts". The festival understands these categories not as limiting containers, but rather as catalyst platforms to foster discussion around gender, sexual politics and film culture.The programs are not meant to define the filmmakers or the performers of the films curated in them, yet on some occasions a filmmaker or performer feels misgendered for being included in the „Lesbian Porn Shorts“ program. How can the festival reclaim and present a program celebrating lesbian culture that makes everyone feel included and respected?We want to open this discussion with filmmakers and audiences, and have a dialogue that gives space to different perspectives and proposes new strategies for the film submission and curation processes in the future.


, 90 min
Sprache: Englisch
Genre: Vortrag mit Filmbeispielen

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